Australian Beer

Australia is among the finest producers of beers in the world. Throughout the history of beers, Australia has been producing beers of different kinds in a variety of ways. Australian beer at present is mostly lager or ale.

Lager is brewed at cold temperatures ranging from 12 to 18 degrees Celsius. The yeast is dead in this type of beer and it cannot mature and grow in complexity. The deep fermentation allows the malt flavor to come out.

Ales, on the other hand, have the yeast alive in them and are fermented at warmer temperatures; from about 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. Some ale beers can be stored for over five years, as compared to lager beers, which have to be consumed within a year to taste good. Ales have a higher level of alcohol and this makes the brewing process is a bit complex.

Ales can be further subdivided into different styles, like the bitter ale, old ale, pale ale, sparkling ale. Of these, sparkling ale is considered an Australian invention with the Cooper sparkling ale among the finest. Old ale is strong and dark which gives it a rich and sweet taste. Hahn Millennium ale is a vintage beer that has a fairly high level of alcohol content among beers but pretty much leaves others behind in taste.

Australian beer brewing history dates back to early 1800 with one of the oldest breweries being established in Tasmania. Currently Foster and Lion Nathan hold the major stake in Australian breweries. The Foster's Lager is among the most exported beer from Australia. Coopers and XXXX are other beer brands that have a substantial presence in Australian beer industry.

Australian Beer Festival Girls



Top Places to Go In Australia PART 2

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles is another rock formation, in which people can see the wonders of the “land down under.” Located in the Red Desert, the attraction consists of groups of formations; with some are the sizes of fingers and others over 21 feet long. As to who and what created them remains a mystery.

Pinnacles Desert

Sydney Opera House

For a taste of some civilized life, the Sydney Opera House, located in Sydney, is one of the most famous and recognized opera houses on the planet. The opera house opened in 1973 and ever since, has played host to many concerts and other live events. With this modern marvel taking 15 years to complete, the Sydney Opera House is, truly, architectural wonder.

Sydney Opera House

The Great Barrier Reef

The most famous natural landmark of all Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. Over 1,000 islands, 2,900 smaller reefs and shelters; 1,500 species of fish and over 400 different kinds of coral fishes surround this natural wonder.

The Great Barrier Reef

Kangaroo Island

And the final must-see place in Australia is Kangaroo Island. The island is located in the southern part of Australia, near the Fleurieu Peninsula. As Australia’s third largest island, Kangaroo Island is home to many of the island/country/continent’s dolphins, koalas, sea loins and, of course, kangaroos.

Kangaroo Island

The place has been preserved from overdevelopment and excessive tourism. This is why many of the natural floras and fauna of the island remain in existence.
In short, if you are planning a trip to Australia, then these former places mentioned are some of the places that you see while there. Therefore, have a happy and safe travel to “the land down under!”



Top Places to Go In Australia PART 1

As the world’s smallest continent, largest island and the highest literacy rate, Australia is unique. In addition, the country has a unique past and present that fascinates many people to this day. Therefore, in this article, we shall explore some of the top places to go in this island/country/continent.


Ayers Rock

Standing in the heart of Australia, at a height of 348 meters, Ayers Rock attracts many people from all over the world to see it in all its glory. But what most people do not know is that the Ayers Rock that they see is only 1/3 of the rock’s actual size. The remainder is under ground.

Uluro, Ayers Rock

The Olgas, Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta

Another place to see, while in Australia, is the Kata Tjuta. This natural wonder is a group of red-colored, stone monoliths that is located not far from Ayers Rock. As of the natural wonder’s origins, you should ask a local Aborigine and they will share a legend or two with you.

Sunny Kata Tjuta

Bungle Bungles

The Bungle Bungles is another natural Australian wonder that you should take a gander at. It consists of beehive-like patterns that are mixed in the colors of green, orange, and black. They were only discovered until the 1980’s.

Bungle Bungles



Top Five Places to Be In Queensland, Australia

Stradbroke Island

This article lists the top five places to be and to see in Queensland, Australia and gives some basic info for each one of these places. Therefore, without further interruption we shall begin the article.

Gold Coast

Number 1: Gold Coast: The Gold Coast area of Queensland is popular for its long, sandy white beaches, the Bird Sanctuary, Dream World, and other great places of interest. Queensland is a great tourist spot for many people each year.

Gold Coast by night

Number 2: Brisbane, Queensland’s capital, is another hot spot for most of Austalia’s tourists and rightfully so with places like the Alma Park Zoo, Mt. Cootha, the Storey Bridge Climb and more fund and interesting places of interest..


Number 3: Glasshouse Mountains: The Glasshouse Mountains is another place to see and be in Queensland. Located around the Gold Coast, the surrounding Springbrook National Park, Mount Barney National Park, Binna Burra and other places of interest, make this area a fun place to be, while in Queensland.

Number 4: Noosaland is another Queensland to spot to be and see. This is not wonder with natural attractions like the Noosa National Park, Cooloola National Park and the Noosa River. While on the Noosa River, you and your companions can spend most or all of the day participating in water sports such as fishing and boating. If you want to a little bit of shopping, there are plenty of places to shop on Hastings Street.

Noosa River Sunset

Number 5: Montville is the last of the top five places to be in Queensland. Montville, located in the Sunshine hinterland, is a popular area for day trips, weekend retreats and other fun activities for you and many other people to participate in. If you are an arts and crafts person, you will love to see many of the arts and crafts in Montville’s art shops. Want to go for a picnic? Head down to Maleny Park for have your picnic and for a bit of sightseeing.

View from Tranquil Park

Therefore, this concludes our review of the five best places to be in Queensland, Australia and these places should be on your shortlist for places to see in Queensland and in Australia.

Blue Mountains Katoomba



A Way Down in Perth

This article will talk about the city of Perth, Australia, including a bit about the city’s history, modern life and other happenings.

Perth By Night

Today, the country of Australia is a meeca for visitors and sightseers, who want to see what all there is to see in the “land down under.” It is sights like the Great Barrier Reef or Ayers Rock that leaves many visitors in awe - having them come back for more!

Perth Skyline

In addition, to the natural wonders of the “land down under,” its cities, also, attracts many of the country’s visitors as well. One, in particular, attracts many visitors and that city is named Perth.

The Bells, Perth

Yes, Perth, Western Australia’s capital and largest city, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and is one of the fastest growing cities in all of Australia. For a bit of history of the city of Perth, the city was founded in 1829 as a settlement on the western Australian plain and to this day, is still the capital of Western Australia.

Convention Centre in Perth

In modern times, the large and ever growing city is full with tourism and with that, an ever-thriving and plentiful economy. What makes people want to come to Perth for a period of fun and relaxation?


The answer lies in some of the city’s outdoor activities. It is activities such as water skiing, water surfing, kite boarding and biscuiting is what drives people to make Perth a top vacation spot of theirs.

Perth War Memorial

In addition, to the outdoor activities that Perth has to offer, there is the city’s Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Alexander Library, the Museum of Western Australia, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Perth Concert Hall and other places of interest where people can get more exposure to Austalia’s past and present.

Fremantle, Perth

In short, Perth has a rich past and present that is seen and felt by thousands of people every year and you, too, can become one of these many people, so come on down and see the wonders of Perth, Australia!

Red Bull Race in Perth



Why are so many people fascinated with the continent of Australia? The answer is in the fact that Australia has a bunch of places for you to see and enjoy its natural and physical wonders. But beyond these wonders, there are more facts about Australia that you do not know about. Here are some of these facts.


One of these facts is that Australia is home to 200-plus languages, including Tagalong and English, which is spoken by many of the different ethnic groups in the continent –including the Aborigines. That is a lot of languages for a small country like that one.

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Furthermore, Australia happens to be the world’s smallest continent and the only country in the world that can claim itself as a continent, island and a country. In addition to this, Australia happens to be the largest island in the word as well.

Parliament in Canberra

Moreover, the main population of the country-island-continent can be found in the coastal cities and towns, including Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. The reason for this is because over ninety percent of Australia is flat and without moisture – making any form of real agriculture impossible.

Melbourne by Night

Also, an interesting fact, the total numbers of sheep in Australia outnumbers the people on the island. In fact, the ratio for sheep to people is 10 to 1. This is why Australia happens to the world’s largest exporter of wool and lamb meat.

Fast Emu

As for the famous animals in Australia, such as the kangaroo, emu, the kookaburra and the koala bear; they are only native to the island and does not originate from any other land.

Kangaroo Relaxing

Did you know that Australia claims to have a literacy rate of 100% - making it the highest in the world of such a rate? Maybe that is the reason why they love to read newspapers.
Australians love gambling? Yes, it is true that Australians love to gamble and spend more money on games of chance than any other peoples in the world. This is odd because even though they make up about one percent of the countries population, they have about twenty percent of the poker machines in the world. That is truly amazing!

So, this concludes our’ facts about Australia’ article series and if you are planning to visit to ‘the land down under’ this is very important to know. So, I wish you good luck and happy travel to Australia!