Melbourne most livable city

Melbourne: The most livable city in Australia

Melbourne situated in the Southern of the Australia is undoubtedly the most livable city in the whole world. The city has the perfect combination of all the important ingredients for the great life which includes climate, durability, accessibility, location, leisure and social activities, and the living standard. This wonderful city will provide you with the great opportunity to spend your holidays perfectly.

My Facts About Australia: Melbourne

One of the reasons for visiting Melbourne is the famous drive of the Great Ocean Road. The road has some dramatic and the stunning coastline in the Australia. If you are traveling early, you have the option of taking the forests of the eucalyptus with the koalas and the rain forests having the flora and the fauna. The Yarra Valley is situated on the Melbourne’s doorstep. You can experience the valley in different ways by flying over it in the hot balloon.

My Facts About Australia: Yarra Valley

The oldest zoo in Melbourne makes it the house of the various rescues of the animals and the eco centers, where one has the option of getting close with the Australian wildlife. You will be having the opportunity of spotting emus, cockatoos, koalas, wallabies and the kangaroos.

My Facts About Australia: Koala

The nightlife of Melbourne has a great offering for almost all the age groups. You can look for the tour of the late night in the brewery of the Fosters. In the Fosters all kinds of the tastes and the cultures are catered and taken care of.

My Facts About Australia: Malbourne Nightlife

If you are a shopping freak, then Melbourne is the best place for all the shoppers. One has the option of wandering in the fashion lanes or the old arcades for the eclectic and the unusual pieces.

My Facts About Australia: Australian Shoping


Port Douglas

Port Douglas for Adventure lovers

If you are an adventurous person and love to spend your weekends at the places close to nature then Port Douglas, Australia is the right place where you can find both. Port Douglas is well-known for its Great Barrier Reef and spectacular rainforest.

My Facts About Australia: Port Douglas

Situated in the far north Queensland, the major area of this place is surrounded by the famous Daintree River and also includes Islands like Salisburry and Island Point. One of the most famous beaches that you should visit in Port Douglas is Four Mile Beach which gives you immense pleasure and peace.

My Facts About Australia: Four Mile Beach

You can make your stay at Resort, which you can easily find in reasonable prices. One such resort that is not only attractive but also provides you with some appealing facilities like pool and luxurious bar is the Plantation Resort.

My Facts About Australia: Resort and Spa In Port Douglas

If you are a first time visitor then don’t forget to book your full-day cruise at the Greta Barrier Reef, where you will get to see three reef areas and can also look closely to the fish and coral with the help of snorkeling equipment provided.

My Facts About Australia: Map of Port Douglas

You can even do Scuba diving with young professionals. This can make your day adventurous and memorable.

My Facts About Australia: Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef

If you have made your stay in a hotel that is situated in the centre then you can easily walk to visit different places in Port Douglas, otherwise you can make use of public transport like taxi or you can also choose private limousines.

My Facts About Australia: Port Douglas, Queensland

Many people hire bicycle to travel all the way in Port Douglas. Port Douglas is also quite famous for its beach bag and various types of wines.


The Great Ocean Road

Australia hub for travelers

Australia plays a host to thousands of visitors every year. The reason why tourists flock various cities of Australia is the scenic beauty of the destinations. One of the most beautiful places in Australia is the great ocean road.

My Facts About Australia: Great Ocean Road
Victoria. It can well be considered as one of the places in Australia that offer extraordinarily beautiful coasts and beaches. Travelers to the country should make a point to visit this place and take pleasure in experiencing the best views that nature has to offer.

While you visit the great ocean road, the first place to be put on your itinerary is the bellarine and Geelong peninsulas which house the most beautiful beaches in the city. Also, you can enjoy the delicacies of the country in the world class restaurants here.

My Facts About Australia: Must Visit

There are a lot of activities that you can do here. Play golf, fish or dive, you can do it all here. The reason why most people come here is the exotic marine life in the seas. If you are not a scuba lover, you can indulge in sports and other recreational activities on the beaches. If you do not visit port Campbell, you would miss out on a lot of fun and adventure. The twelve apostles make for one of the most spectacular nature’s creations in Victoria.

My Facts About Australia: The Great Ocean Road

The economy somewhat depends on marine activities like fishing. This place also has some of the historic towns like Portland and port fairy that make the place even special. Also put on your list the marine museums and old buildings. Visit the great ocean road and have the time of your life diving deep in the beauty of nature.