Island Of Tasmania

The beauty of the island of Tasmania!

An Australian island and state named Tasmania is known because of Taz, a famous cartoon character representing a Tasmanian devil. This well-liked character can only be found in this country which makes it really unique. You could also spot other animals on this island aside from the Tasmanian devil.

My Facts About Australia: Island of Tasmania

One of which is the Thylacine. It is a marsupial quite similar to a wild dog found in Australia but later became extinct. There are also 11 species of frogs in the island of Tasmania. Three out of eleven can be found only in Tasmania like the Tasmanian Froglet, Tasmanian Tree Frog and the Moss Froglet.

My Facts About Australia: Tasmania

Aside from its unique species, you can also witness a great number of beautiful places in Tasmania. All you have to do is just explore the place and experience all its wonders. It has been said that the island of Tasmania has 19 national parks. An example would be the Ben Lomond. A lovely place that is over 1300 meters high. It is actually considered as one of the favorite tourist attractions when it comes to skiing.

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Another example of their national park is the Maria Island. This place has beyond doubt captured the tastes of many. It is an ideal place for relaxation because there are no vehicles, no stores or shops. You can do away with civilization and technology in the Maria Island.

My Facts About Australia: Beach in Tasmania

Tasmania is a friendly and peaceful place for those people who want to enjoy and have fun. This place definitely brings numerous surprises for those who want to see this captivating part of Australia.


Amazing Sydney


Australia’s amazing Sydney is one of the most famous travel destinations. What sets this city apart from other Australian cities is its liveliness, numerous attractions and plethora of adventurous activities.

My Facts About Australia: Sydney Aquarium

One of the best attractions of Sydney is the opera house, which was made in 1960’s. The innovative design for facility mixed with the astonishing acoustics, makes this Australian cultural idol a must see venue and even people not so interested in opera will certainly cherish their visit to the place.

My Facts About Australia: Opera

One of the best features about Sydney is that, there is both loads of fun filled activities and rich culture. The stunning beaches give few of the most excellent ocean side playing grounds in the whole world. The visitors can dole out endless hours taking pleasure in the pristine sands and sun then have fun trips in some of the neighboring bush areas.

My Facts About Australia: Sydney

Later, a sizzling night out in the town is easily manageable, with host of night spots, which will house just almost every interest. While being in town, do not overlook to admire the stunning Harbor Bridge. Additionally, you can also enjoy the coach tours or the self drive tours. These tours can be overnight, weekend or one day excursion.

My Facts About Australia: Amazing Sydney

Besides, do not forget to explore the famous Manly beach resort. It is the lively resort offering excellent restaurants, accommodations, cafes and pubs. It’s energetic with lengthy sandy beaches, screeching seagulls, inlets, small coves, bikinis, chilled icy bar, festivals, surfboards, flip flops, music, chips, fish, pink zinc, boats, yachts and fishermen.



Queensland – tourist haven

Queensland sunshine coast, one of the states of Australia located in the north-eastern section of the Australia has some of the exotic attraction and unusual natural beauty which you will not find anywhere else.

My Facts About Australia: Queensland

This tropical paradise is considered as tourist haven. Amazing camping sites, astonishing beaches and rivers with some of the brilliant tropical rainforests makes Queensland coast one of the must visit holiday destination.

My Facts About Australia: Relax in Queensland

The soothing mild winter breeze an average sunshine in the summer makes it a perfect place to go for through out the year. That is why people from all round the world come to explore the beauty of Queensland. This place has several attractive spots and places to visit.

My Facts About Australia: Queensland Coast

The world famous Zoo of Australia is Steve Irwin located at Beerwah has 550 varieties of animals which are displayed and successively functioning through out the day. Apart from this, there is the Deer Sanctuary located at forest Glen is well known destination.

My Facts About Australia: Visit Queensland

As you move further, you come across Ettamogah pub, which has become favorite tourist place since past years. It offers bull rides, pub meals and various other games which give you the ultimate Aussie experience. Queensland has largest aquarium located at Moolooaba with about 25,000 different sea creatures which you cannot miss at any cost.

My Facts About Australia: Relax in Queensland

Maroochydore is a relaxing, lazy town which allows you to take a halt in between and put a break to your journey for a while. It has some of the awesome beaches to let you do fishing and relax near by the water.

So whether you are fond of photography or looking forward to pamper yourself and want to spend holidays with family then pack your bag and move to Queensland.