Bells Beach

Bells beach, Australia

Bells beach is one of great ocean roads of Australia and is the most popular tourist attraction. The bell beach is located near the Melbourne where tourist can take full pleasure of the stunning views that appears on each turn of the scenic drives. There are many beautiful holidays in the town that gives an opportunity to enjoy the coastal scenery along with the exploring of historical towns.

My Facts About Australia: Surf on Bells Beach

Tourist visit bells beach of Australia that calms the mind of the tourist to full extent. The main attraction of the bells beach is Portland a place of deep-water port situated at the end of the princess high way. Bells beach is a place that is a mixture of industrial and historic region. The main features that attract tourist to visit bells beach are blowholes, craggy cliffs, and rough waters.

My Facts About Australia: Bells Beach

Bells beach falls under the category of coastal town where one can easily take the pleasure of major commercial centre along with the viewing of some historic buildings. There are number of stunning art galleries, old churches and museums present in the bells beach of Australia that makes the holiday of tourist exotic and stunning. The bells beach is also popular for the activities such as swimming and surfing at international and national level.

My Facts About Australia: Waves on Bells Beach

Bells beach is the home of largest running surfing competition of world that celebrates in the form of festivals such as musical and curl pro festival. The bells beach is a place known for ripping, surfing that makes the tourist feel delighted.


Have lunch with a Croc

Have lunch with a croc

Ever eaten gator tail? You’d best not tell a croc this, but it’s good…tastes like chicken. Crocs are ancient, very hungry cold-blooded creatures that can grow up to 7 meters in length.

My Facts About Australia: Croc

Having lunch with them or having them for lunch may not sound too appealing, but if you go on an organized and safe tour, you’re at least ensured you’re not providing lunch for them…meaning you!

My Facts About Australia: Catch The Croc!

Northern Australia has many croc adventures. You can learn a lot about these frightening reptiles. You can try tours that actually feed crocs from boats, and manage as a consequence to get them jumping out of the water to catch food.

My Facts About Australia: Croc on your Backyard

Did you know saltwater crocs live mostly in freshwater? At one point they were thought to be endangered, so they became protected more than 30 years ago. Crocs can live to be almost 100 years old and it is estimated that there are between 60,000 and 80,000 saltwater crocs in the waterways of Northern Australia.


Working in Perth

Working in Perth, Australia

The world’s most isolated capital is Perth which is situated on the southwestern side of the continent. Perth is the known capital of Western Australia which generally sits between the blue of the Indian Ocean and the sand deserts of the Nullabor.

My Facts About Australia: Perth

The nearest neighbor capital is the Adelaide in South Australia which is almost 2750 kilometers or at least two day away from the car. The sunniest state of Australia is Perth which can be best enjoyed while you are working there. Perth may be very far away from the rest of the country or from the entire world. But Perth has a good reputation for being the sunniest with the surf on one side accessorized with easy and nice lifestyle.

My Facts About Australia: Working

While working in Perth Australia you can always take out some time for surfing and you can even go for a barbecue. Australia has now opened its door to the world so there are many of the people who are trying for a working opportunity there. If you have always dreamed of going to work in Australia then this is the best time when you can.

My Facts About Australia: Working out

There are many of the things that make working in Perth Australia a good choice. Perth will make you enjoy its wonderful climate, an open and highly mixed up society where you can feel comfortable at home and at office. Also you can get good salary packages equal to the ones that are paid to the Australians. The area provides you lower living cost and also shorter working hours.


Durras Beach

Durras beach

Durras beach is one of the best beach of Australia if you want relax your mind from daily routine life. It is best destination to spend vacation with your closed ones. One can take the pleasure of panoramic views in the durras part of Australia by watching the beautiful cliff places and dolphins that make the vacation pleasurable of the tourist.

My Facts About Australia: Wildlife on Durras Beach

In durras, one can also take the pleasure of beautiful bushwalking trails in the luscious rainforest fully filled with fernery and wide variety of towering gum trees. The lakes of the durras is like an estuary covered so that wind does no affect and gives an opportunity to take the pleasure of sunshine. Swimming and canoeing are the most common activities of the durras beach.

My Facts About Australia: Surfing on Durras Beach

Durras beach of Australia is an excellent place for performing the salt water fishing and prawning. Durras beach is a long beach with good waves made surfing easier for the tourist. Vacation in durras beach gives full value of money spend on the vacation by the traveler.

My Facts About Australia: Durras Beach

Durras beach is the best place for the Jet Ski enthusiast with the best accommodation facility. Durras beach is a divine place for the people where one can take the pleasure of the best restaurant and dinning facilities.

My Facts About Australia: Camping on Durras Beach

Visiting durras beach of Australia is a unique place for the people. Batemans bay is one of the most attractive sights of durras that offer many recreational activities to the person. Durras beach is the best place for spending time with family and closed at an affordable cost.