Australia Facts


Australia is the only country also known to be a continent. It is Canberra that is the capital of Australia. Sydney is known to be the largest city in Australia.

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Australia is the sixth largest nation in the world, however, it has a relatively small population. Statistically, its population is more than 20 million.

Australia is bountiful of its natural resources. It is considered the world’s largest exporter of coal, wool, diamonds, lead and sheep. Other exports include nickel, sugar, lamb, and iron ore.

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In this country, Lake St Clair is the deepest lake. Its largest artificial lake is Lake Argyle located in Western Australia.

My Facts About Australia: Lake St Clair

Australia’s main trading partners are Japan and the United States of America. It also has developed great friendship between the two countries.

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Some birds and plants are exclusively found in Australia. Sadly, most of its kind is now becoming extinct and endangered.

The Australian men’s life expectancy is 75 years. On the other hand, life expectancy for Australian women is 80 years.

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Australia has also been known to have an outstanding economy. It has also made large investments in social establishments including schools, hospitals and other business infrastructures.

To add more facts, the official language of Australia is English. Their English language does not differ from any other countries although they have some unique slang expressions.

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Many tourists are attracted to visit Australia because of its beautiful beaches and multicultural society. Australia has always been inviting tourists to come over its country.

Truly, Australia is a wonderful place to visit and live in. This beautiful country also has a safe and clean environment.


Australian Culture

Australia Fact on their Culture

If you have been planning to see the sights of Australia, it is wise to know and understand their culture and traditions first to make your travel more fulfilling.

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A basic Australia fact that will most likely help a first time visitor is that their visual and performing arts have begun from bark and cave paintings back in the old days of their indigenous peoples.

My Facts About Australia: Aboriginal Culture

Their traditions are largely passed on by mouth through dance, music and arts that have influenced the contemporary performing and visual arts of Australia fact today.
Among the major themes of artworks in Australia fact is derived from its wonderful landscapes.

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Paintings from popular artists such as Arthur Boyd, Albert Namatjira and Arthur Streeton may not be that awesome if not for the beautiful landscapes and countryside views. Similarly, the literature in Australia fact is also influenced widely by the landscapes.

Dorothea Mackellar, Henry Lawson, Banjo Patterson and the 1973 Nobel Prize winner in Literature Patrick White are just some of the renowned writers that have been inspired with Australia's picturesque views.

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A visit to popular museums and art galleries is a must when you visit the smallest continent in the world. Plus, do not forget the numerous national parks such as Lawn Hill and Forty Mile Scrub that will certainly make your touring activities more educational.

My Facts About Australia: BoodJamulla (Lawn Hill)

What is even better about Australian culture nowadays is that they place a high value on relationships especially because they only maintain a small population which means their paths are more likely to cross again. They also value sincerity and humility while loathing pretentiousness which is a fact that will definitely come in handy if ever you get lost in its busy streets.

For enjoyment when touring the smallest continent, do not take it for granted how the people can be helpful and open-minded which is an Australia fact that give the tourist benefits.


General Informations about Australia

General Information on Australia Fact

Among the world's top places to live in, Australia boasts wide stretches of flat plains and towering ranges even with the geological Australian fact that it is the smallest continent.

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Perfectly located in the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth, it facilitates the best ecological care there is to the Great Barrier Reef, Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombat, a number of tropical rainforests, up to the rarest inhabitants such as endangered bird and crocodile species.

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Australian fact capital cities are Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Among its states and territories are Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory.

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The fast civilization among indigenous to foreign inhabitants pave the way to various world-known infrastructures, historical spots, heritage areas, and many other attractions in Australia. These factors are by the way, shaped and explained the lifestyle of Australians before and what they are today.

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Subsequently, it is what makes the Commonwealth of Australia one of the highly urbanized countries of the world with higher growth but lesser interest rate in their economy. Moreover, Australian fact is one of the continents that make up the symbols of the Olympics other than Asia, Europe, Africa and Northern America. In fact, the 2000 Olympics was even held here.

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Athletic in nature, the place is hot for surfing and swimming. Other sport activities famous here is golf. Australia considers “Dunny” as the lavatory as you may have already known. Also, Australia is one of the most well-known exporter of sheep and wool, diamonds, with the best beef meat in the world.