Christmas in Sydney

Sydney as its best during Christmas

The best thing that attracts a lot of tourists to Australia is that Christmas is a summer time event unlike the rest of the world. Christmas in Sydney is the very best and the most spectacular in Australia. Christmas program in Sydney includes a host of things but one that tops the list is the amazing display of the lights through out the city.

My Facts About Australia: Christmas on Sydney Beach

Every nook and corner of the city is illuminated. Special engineers are invited to Sydney to make this marvelous display of lights possible. They work day in and day out to make it happens flawlessly. The Sydney town hall is the center of attraction in this amazing exhibit of lights.

My Facts About Australia: Christmas in Park

The second on the list are the various community concerts which are being organized all through out Sydney. These are usually set up in the vast fields and stadiums. Famous live bands, singers and dancers adorn the stage. These concerts provides for free entry. These parks are opened for picnics during Christmas in Sydney.

My Facts About Australia: Sydney Christmas

Third on the list is the Sydney Christmas food. They just don’t have turkeys, cakes, pastries and wine. The Australia Christmas menu is quite extensive it has a wide variety of sea food which is usually in plenty at this time of the year.

My Facts about Australia: Christmas

Fourth on the list is the Sydney harbor it is a great place to be in the day as well as in the evening. You can relax by having the best of food and drink. Move around or chat with your friends you are bound to enjoy. Then during the nights you can witness superb and splendid display of fireworks.

Australia Christmas shopping

Australia Christmas shopping

There are wide varieties available at the time of doing Christmas shopping in Australia. Lot of materials needed at the time of Christmas decorations which includes Christmas hampers, stocking fillers, Christmas party supplies, food, puddings fine that simply makes the Christmas Eve memorable for the Australians.

My Facts about Australia: Chrismas Shop

There are many Christmas party products available all year round for purpose of making exclusive Christmas decorations which includes gift items, collectibles of unique Australian theme along with the guarantee of money back. The main items included in the Christmas shopping are Christmas trees, snow and snow men, table decoration items such as Christmas trains, table runners, candy and gift boxes and many more according to the taste and preferences of people.

My Facts about Australia: Christmas Eve

You can easily do Christmas shopping online from the comfort of your home. The price rates of the Christmas shopping items are highly affordable. The delivery services offer by the Christmas stores are fast and reliable and are available at the services of customer 24/7.

My Facts About Australia: Christmas Shopping

Many of the over seas people uses the direct way of delivery system for sending gifts to friends and family in Australia. There are special offers for customers available on Christmas in online stores.

My Facts About Australia: Christmas Gift

Online shopping is very safe in Australia as there are many online stores available to shop for Christmas with wide choices for the customers. You can also easily compare prices and select gifts of your choice by simply clicking on the categories to find out the best online stores where quality material available for Christmas Eve to make the Christmas shopping easier.

Christmas celebration in Australia

Christmas in Australia

Christmas is the time when a person is in the mood of celebration. Everyone just eagerly waits for Christmas when families can get together and have a vacation together. When we think about Christmas it is always snow-clad, sitting by the fireplace and having wine together. Why not think about Christmas in Australia.

My Facts about Australia: Christmas in Australia

It is way different from Christmas in the northern region of the world. You always have seen Christmas during winters but in Australia it’s during the summers. The temperature is around 20’s the entire day There are huge Christmas and new year celebration held in the two most important city of Australia that are Sydney and Melbourne. Huge community fireworks and mass church prayer services are conducted.

My Facts About Australia: Ausie Christmas

The Australian culture is very similar to that of British culture. So you will not miss the customs of Christmas in Australia like the traditional cookies and cakes the conventional turkey with all the trimmings. There are few things you should take into consideration before going on a Christmas vacation in Australia.

My Facts About Australia: Santa on the Boat

If you want to visit Australia during Christmas then one thing you should know is visiting Australia is very expensive at this time of the year. At the same time there are a lot of cheaper alternatives available where you can safe some money like there are a huge number of affordable accommodations are obtainable. You can safe on food too as many cheap food stalls and restaurants are there in Australia in huge number. Australia is at its best during Christmas.


Working in Adelaide

Working in Adelaide Australia

Moving to a new country for work can be a very daunting process. You need to learn many of the new things like working with Adelaide Australia in a new company, new terms and conditions, local culture and language. Adelaide is a multicultural city and the population goes up to over 100 different ethnic groups of communities.

My Facts About Australia: Pilates Studio in Adelaide

Many of the communities are proudly linked with their traditions and cultures. Therefore a close study of the different cultures is needed. The city is combined with both the creativity and the liveliness. This is the place where you can enjoy both safe and clean environment. South Australians lead very exciting lifestyles but added with the touch of relaxation. This is the state with the rich history and love of fine wine and food.

My Facts About Australia: Adelaide Convention

There are many of the vacancies that are open for competitive candidates and sorted out in the academic and professional sector filled with full time and part time jobs. Working in Adelaide Australia is both dynamic and rewarding. There are many of the resources which can make your working experience more enhanced like the amount of salary equivalent to the Australian candidates.

My Facts about Australia: I´m working from home

Australians are found to be very hard working and are also specialized in one skill. Specialization is considered to be the most important thing in Australia. Australians are very competitive and this is the reason that you can get difficulty in finding a job but if you are specialized in a job then you get many of the job opportunities.


Jobs in Wollongong

Jobs in Wollongong

Wollongong is the third largest city in New South Wales of Australia . There are multiple job opportunities in Wollongong ranging from full time to part time. In Wollongong there are various opportunities are available for doing job for non degree students also. Wide range of jobs is available in Wollongong for students of different kind of field such as:

My Facts about Australia: Jobs

Jobs of finance
• Accounts
• Call center
• Engineering
• Marketing and advertising
• Transport business
• Legal services
• Hospitality

My Facts About Australia: Wollongong

There are some side jobs also in Wollongong for who do not have degree but they are talented enough to perform their role in side jobs. Along with that business opportunity in Australia is great including Wollongong and you can make awesome cash easily in less time. Due to the availability of wide range of jobs many migrants are approaching Wollongong for making their career bright with huge jobs opportunities on the basis of their skill, talent and qualification.

My Facts About Australia: Wollongong volunteers

Wollongong is the most affordable kind of place and working in Wollongong will be a unique experience for you. For working in any city of Australia you need a work permit from the government of Australia. While you are working in Wollongong he employer has to follow the same terms and conditions that other residents of Wollongong are following.

My Facts About Australia: Hospital in Wollongong

Wollongong is the city of pride and doing job in Wollongong will gives you a chance to explore your skills in the field in which you are specialized in an efficient manner.


Working in Melbourne

Working in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne jobs in Australia includes everything that range from the service industry jobs and the marketing to the required employment in the sciences. Melbourne is the cosmopolitan city which is the hosts to many of the major cultural festivals, world famous horse races, smash hits musicals and the international sporting events during the year. Melbourne is the most affordable, welcoming and the relaxed place.

My Facts About Australia: Work in Melbourne

It will make your experience unique after you explore this one of the great cities of the world. Working in Melbourne Australia will prove to be advantageous since the city has pride in its cultures, arts and also it offers a great night life to enjoy. Victoria in itself is the most compact state when compared to the rest of the country.

My Facts about Australia: Filming in Australia

So you can get many of the chances to explore the surrounding nature, you can also take the advantage of visiting some of the great wineries. Explore the wildlife or even you can go for the adventurous trip.

Anyone who wants to work in the Australia needs to get the working visa. There are working holiday visas available for the residents of the countries who have an agreement with the country to allow its people to obtain work there.

My Facts About Australia: Working in Melbourne

In working in Melbourne Australia jobs the employer need to pay the same amount of payment and the same work conditions as they pay to the Australian citizens and also they need to follow the same safety laws. It will be very useful for you if you get a bank account there. It will also make it easier for most of the employers to pay you.


Work in Brisbane

Work in Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is the third largest country in Australia in terms of population. This high rise in population is a result of the popularity this place has for dwelling and affluent living. Brisbane is safe for people of all races as well as cultures.

My Facts About Australia: Back from work

The rate of unemployment is low in Brisbane and therefore this place enjoys a healthy economy. Since there is a low rate of unemployment, there are always thousands of job opportunities are available for the people who are moving to Brisbane in search of a challenging and exciting job and also for the local residents of Brisbane who are in search of a new job.

My Facts About Australia: Morning Traffic

Brisbane offers both the white collar jobs as well as blue collar jobs for the residents of Brisbane. There are massive amount of jobs available for the people in various sectors such as the public sectors, IT industry, financial services, hospitals, executive jobs, construction jobs and also in the educational sector.

My Facts About Australia: Searching for a job in Brisbane

There are blue collar jobs for the job seekers in the various industries that can include the petroleum refining, paper milling, railway workshops, metal working and many others. Some of the well reputed companies have their offices in Brisbane and with the steadily increasing demand there is a need for the new recruiters in Brisbane.

My Facts About Australia: Team Building in Brisbane

There are jobs for the people where they can work from home itself. These jobs can include taking tuitions for the various subjects. This can be taken as the part time jobs that can be carried along with the other occupation that is being carried out in Brisbane. It is also beneficial for the people to earn some amount of money till the time they search for any job.


Island Of Tasmania

The beauty of the island of Tasmania!

An Australian island and state named Tasmania is known because of Taz, a famous cartoon character representing a Tasmanian devil. This well-liked character can only be found in this country which makes it really unique. You could also spot other animals on this island aside from the Tasmanian devil.

My Facts About Australia: Island of Tasmania

One of which is the Thylacine. It is a marsupial quite similar to a wild dog found in Australia but later became extinct. There are also 11 species of frogs in the island of Tasmania. Three out of eleven can be found only in Tasmania like the Tasmanian Froglet, Tasmanian Tree Frog and the Moss Froglet.

My Facts About Australia: Tasmania

Aside from its unique species, you can also witness a great number of beautiful places in Tasmania. All you have to do is just explore the place and experience all its wonders. It has been said that the island of Tasmania has 19 national parks. An example would be the Ben Lomond. A lovely place that is over 1300 meters high. It is actually considered as one of the favorite tourist attractions when it comes to skiing.

My Facts about Australia: Tasmania map

Another example of their national park is the Maria Island. This place has beyond doubt captured the tastes of many. It is an ideal place for relaxation because there are no vehicles, no stores or shops. You can do away with civilization and technology in the Maria Island.

My Facts About Australia: Beach in Tasmania

Tasmania is a friendly and peaceful place for those people who want to enjoy and have fun. This place definitely brings numerous surprises for those who want to see this captivating part of Australia.


Amazing Sydney


Australia’s amazing Sydney is one of the most famous travel destinations. What sets this city apart from other Australian cities is its liveliness, numerous attractions and plethora of adventurous activities.

My Facts About Australia: Sydney Aquarium

One of the best attractions of Sydney is the opera house, which was made in 1960’s. The innovative design for facility mixed with the astonishing acoustics, makes this Australian cultural idol a must see venue and even people not so interested in opera will certainly cherish their visit to the place.

My Facts About Australia: Opera

One of the best features about Sydney is that, there is both loads of fun filled activities and rich culture. The stunning beaches give few of the most excellent ocean side playing grounds in the whole world. The visitors can dole out endless hours taking pleasure in the pristine sands and sun then have fun trips in some of the neighboring bush areas.

My Facts About Australia: Sydney

Later, a sizzling night out in the town is easily manageable, with host of night spots, which will house just almost every interest. While being in town, do not overlook to admire the stunning Harbor Bridge. Additionally, you can also enjoy the coach tours or the self drive tours. These tours can be overnight, weekend or one day excursion.

My Facts About Australia: Amazing Sydney

Besides, do not forget to explore the famous Manly beach resort. It is the lively resort offering excellent restaurants, accommodations, cafes and pubs. It’s energetic with lengthy sandy beaches, screeching seagulls, inlets, small coves, bikinis, chilled icy bar, festivals, surfboards, flip flops, music, chips, fish, pink zinc, boats, yachts and fishermen.



Queensland – tourist haven

Queensland sunshine coast, one of the states of Australia located in the north-eastern section of the Australia has some of the exotic attraction and unusual natural beauty which you will not find anywhere else.

My Facts About Australia: Queensland

This tropical paradise is considered as tourist haven. Amazing camping sites, astonishing beaches and rivers with some of the brilliant tropical rainforests makes Queensland coast one of the must visit holiday destination.

My Facts About Australia: Relax in Queensland

The soothing mild winter breeze an average sunshine in the summer makes it a perfect place to go for through out the year. That is why people from all round the world come to explore the beauty of Queensland. This place has several attractive spots and places to visit.

My Facts About Australia: Queensland Coast

The world famous Zoo of Australia is Steve Irwin located at Beerwah has 550 varieties of animals which are displayed and successively functioning through out the day. Apart from this, there is the Deer Sanctuary located at forest Glen is well known destination.

My Facts About Australia: Visit Queensland

As you move further, you come across Ettamogah pub, which has become favorite tourist place since past years. It offers bull rides, pub meals and various other games which give you the ultimate Aussie experience. Queensland has largest aquarium located at Moolooaba with about 25,000 different sea creatures which you cannot miss at any cost.

My Facts About Australia: Relax in Queensland

Maroochydore is a relaxing, lazy town which allows you to take a halt in between and put a break to your journey for a while. It has some of the awesome beaches to let you do fishing and relax near by the water.

So whether you are fond of photography or looking forward to pamper yourself and want to spend holidays with family then pack your bag and move to Queensland.


Australian Cattle Dog

Facts about the Australian Cattle dogs!

Australian cattle dogs are known to be clever kind of species that are extremely energetic. They are also referred to as the Blue Heeler, the Red Heeler, and the Queensland Heeler. These species always long for a constant task to work on so that they could experience lots of exercise.

My Facts About Australia: Australian Cattle Dog

This is the reason why Australian cattle dog owners should be persistent enough to look for new ways on how they could train them. Showing them new creative tricks is one great way of entertaining these highly active species. Having Australian Cattle dogs around the corner truly requires a great amount of space.

My Facts About Australia: Little Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle dogs possess a well-built solid body with a very good stamina. They measure around 18 to 20 inches long although females are about 17 to 19 inches only. It is believed that an Australian cattle dog is in good physical shape when it weighs from 35 to 50 pounds.

My Facts About Australia: Cattle Dog

Australian cattle dogs are recognized as tremendous guard dogs because of their spirited behavior. Aside from the fact that they are highly energetic, they are also known to be intelligent and loyal to their owners.
My Facts About Australia: Australian Cattle Dogs

Training the Australian cattle dogs at an early age is a good idea so that they would turn out to be cautious and alert towards strangers. If you want them to become affectionate household pets, then there is a need to expose them to meeting people from a young age.

My Facts About Australia: Australian Dog

They always call for numerous activities to keep them preoccupied. Their routines should be monitored and attention-grabbing to prevent these controlling dogs from getting bored. Training such breeds is definitely an exciting yet challenging activity!


Bondi Beach

Bondi beach

Bondi beach is not only an icon of Australian but it is the world’s icon. The sandy beach at the Bondi makes it well known all over the world. Being one of the popular and famous beaches in Australia, Bondi offers various fun filled activities that are suitable for all budgets as well as for people of all ages. Bondi beach is an attractive and a mesmerizing place to visit if you are planning to spend some amount of time in Sydney.

My Facts About Australia: Bondi Beach

During the summers, Bondi is a blossoming sophisticated centre for having fun and to enjoy surfing. The beach attracts and mesmerizes the visitors forging the memories of sun, sand and surf. The Bondi beach is a part of the outsized moon shaped area of white sand and breaking waves. It borders the apartments and parks overlooking the blue water.

My Facts About Australia: Surf in Bondi Beach

Bondi beach offers a lot of restaurants and café that server the people throughout the day. Spanning along the length of the beach is a series of hotels, shops, tourist outlets for the souvenir hunter which bustles with activities most of the time as well as the eateries.

My Facts About Australia: Bondi Beach like Prison

Campbell strip has the maximum restaurants and shops in the town where the visitors can find everything from snacking to the sit down dining options. The beach also has attractive parkland where the tourist and locals can relax, take a walk and can also play games. It is also a popular place among the skaters, cyclists and rollerbladers. Bondi beach is the one of the best places in the world for scuba diving.

My Facts About Australia: Famous Bondi Beach

Other than the beach, Bondi has a lot to offer. The Bondi beach market that is held every Sunday is a great place for picking up some local food, art and clothing. Bondi junction market is another famous local market that is located in the Bondi Mall.


Palm Beach

Palm beach one of the best beaches in Australia

Australia is famous for its beautiful and charming beaches. However, some of the beaches stand out from the rest like Palm Beach. A well known beach of Sydney with multitudes of cabbage tree palms is the most preferred beach for holidays by many of the people. As early as 1832 this majestic region of Australia had emerged on maps as cabbage tree boat harbor.

My Facts About Australia: Palm Beach

Palm Beach is famous for its location for many of the music videos. The city is right and the Palm Beach is spectacular. This Beach is the habitat to a numeral parks, beaches, and sporting areas including the national park which provides the visitors a great view.

My Facts About Australia: The Great Palm Beach

The Palm Beach is perfect for the water sports fanatic and the passionate trekker. The sports that make the beach adventurous are windsurfing, sailing, and catamarans. If you move towards the northern point of the palm beach you can find a light house which is named”Barrenjoey”.

My Facts About Australia: Surf in Palm Beach

Palm Beach also has a golf club, a sailing club and surf school with two of the surf life saving clubs. There is easy transportation from rose bay in Sydney to the Palm Beach by Palm Beach seaplanes. Palm Beach water airport is positioned at the northern end with Palm seashore ferry running from a dockside in the town center to great Mackerel Beach, Ettalong, Currawong shore and the Basin.

My Facts About Australia: Palm Beach Hotel

You can find everything from small cottages to grand estates in the Palm Beach that are owned by the country’s most affluence people. Many famous people including actors can also be found spending their holidays at Palm Beach in summers.