Australian Cuisine

Creativity in Australian Cuisine Makes It Unique

People who live in Australia are known for their love of food but during the early times, Australian cuisine was just too ordinary. Pies, rum, teas and some dishes that had kangaroo or emu were served by many. Australian cuisine then evolved during the 19th and 20th, influenced by immigrants.

Australina Salmon Fish Balls

Nowadays, foods in Australia are said to be one of the best in the world simply because of the location of the country. Fruits and vegetables are really fresh because of the cold climate. Seafoods are really fantastic because Australia is located on the Indian Ocean. This is also true regarding the freshness of the meat of the lamb, kangaroo, beef, etc.

Big Crab

Authentic foods are served to amaze tourists. These include the emu, kangaroo and shark. However, typical Australian food is also available. One of the most famous is the Australian meat pie, which is very salable and can be found in any region of the country. Some regions have also their own specialties.

Pies, Pies,...

Some think that the best thing about Australian chefs is that they are fond of experimenting. Instead of doing the same recipe everyday, they would experiment on another, which would be weird for some.

Australian Baramundi

The taste can no longer be understood and worse, the dish will land being thrown. However, a lot of people still appreciate the experimental foods in Australia. Chefs in Australia are really creative because they have the luxury of resources and they come up with ideas from other countries of the world.



Australia's Fun Festivals

Fun Festivals Only in Australia

Australia is known to be a happy country. Festivals are celebrated anywhere in the country. About a hundred festivals are celebrated each year including the small ones celebrated in each region and the big events like the Fall Festival wherein some international performers are invited to perform in front of a large Australian audience.

Rainbow Serpent Festival

Arts and cultural festivals are held in some regions of Australia. Sydney Festival is celebrated during the month of January. For three straight weeks, there will be 80 events showing the different forms of arts in Australia—dancing, theatre, music, etc.

Jazz Festival in Brisbane

Another arts festival celebrated on the month February is the Perth which happens to be the oldest festival in the southern hemisphere. This is one of the biggest festivals in Australia since it also includes satellite festivals that involve a lot of people from the entertainment industry.

Beer Festival

There are quite a number of arts festival celebrated and there are also independent festivals such as the Chinese New Year, which happens during the month of February. One of the world’s largest bisexual festivals happens only in Australia. It is the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which started out as a rally protest and then became a festival in Sydney.

Floriade Flower Festival in Canberra

Finally, theme-based festivals are really known in Australia. Writers, jazz, digital media and folk are just some of the themes that are included.

Bilyana Festival of Folk Rhythm & Light

The country is indeed full of festivals every year. One who happens to visit Australia will find it very enjoyable joining these festivals because these only happen in Australia.

The Brazilian Festival


Australia is Beautiful

Australia Facts

The Land Down Under has a small population despite having a land area that is the 6th largest in the world. It is a country and a continent at the same time, which is the driest one on earth, but it gives the place a warm and pleasant weather.

Great Ocean Road

The Australian Federation has six states (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia) and two territories (Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory). Its capital is Canberra, in New South Wales.

Queensland-Coolum Beach

With a population of more than 20 million, Australia has a society that’s culturally diverse. The Indigenous people called aborigines were its first settlers. Today, almost one quarter of the total population is composed of migrants and immigrants from 200 countries.

Mungo National Park-New South Wales

People live in cities, stations or properties, while some of the aborigines still live in reservations. The outback or the middle part of the country is very dry, so not too many people live there.

Lakes Entrance Victoria

Despite having the lowest rainfalls in the world, they have fertile areas that largely contribute to the world’s agricultural sector. They also raise cattle and sheep in very big stations. A fun fact is that there is a 10:1 ratio of sheep versus people in Australia.

Tasmania water fall

Their economy is one of the richest in the world. It’s the world’s largest exporter of diamonds, wool, coal, lead, mineral sands, sheep, refined zinc ores, alumina and iron ores.


Among the things Australia is known for are:

• Its animals, like kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, emu, kookaburra and duck-billed platypus;

Whale in Great Barrier Reef

• The Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest coral deposit in the world;

• The Sydney Opera House, which is one of the most unique structures in the world

• Cricket, which is Australia’s national sport.



Langham Hotel Melbourne review

Australia is for sure a tourist’s paradise and that is why I went to that place last month with my family and stayed in Langham Hotel Melbourne. I am still missing the time which I spend in this wonderful hotel having world class arrangement for all its guests.

Langham Hotel

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View from Langham Hotel

The fitness center includes a sauna and steam room in which the guests like me can pamper their body after a tiring yet invigorating session of exercise. Other attractive features of this hotel are the recreational facilities, such as swimming pool and Jacuzzi which turned my residence in that hotel a memorable one. I enjoyed the awe inspiring natural views of skyline and river from the city view rooms of this hotel.

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We got the most delectable dining experience of our lives by getting into this hotel, including fine dining sites that include about 15 restaurants located near to this beautiful hotel. I rejuvenated my body by enjoying the spa services offered to the guests in this beautiful hotel.

Queen Victoria market

The freshly renovated luxury day spa in this hotel includes steam and sauna rooms, geisha bars, chuan and Asian influence. Residing in this hotel was a wise decision from shopping point of view as this hotel is near to several shopping venues, such as the Southgate Shops and Queen Victoria Market.