Australia's Kakadu National Park (part 2)

Overall, the world-famous park covers an area totaling over 7,000 miles (7,304 square miles to be exact) and is home to an array of the country’s fauna and flora. In this vast park, you will find over 1000, types of plants, 20 kinds of mammals, 75 kinds of reptiles, 55 types of fish, and 275 types of birds.

Kakadu Waterfall

The park is spread over 7,304 square miles (19,000 square kilometers) and you can see If you want to see the very small creatures that dot the island, see the hundreds of termite hills that are found all over the park.

The hills are as small as a few feet to as high as 20 feet! Love to watch scenic waterfalls? The park has plenty of them and gorges of different sizes, which will take your breath away.
If you are need if a park guide to show you around the park, plenty are available and are found at the tourist centers in the park. The largest of these centers is Jabiru Tourist Center.

Jim Jim Falls

At the center, you will find housing for tourists, a shopping center, a medical center, and a service station. Although, no commercial air service is available from Darwin to the park’s vicinity, there’s a small airport where small planes can land and take off.

Kakadu National Park

In addition, the park’s entrance is as unique as the park. A 273-foot crocodile serves as the tourist center’s entrance and leads you to its main lobby. Also, at its art museum, you will see aboriginal and Anglo-Australian artworks and crafts. Some of these can be bought as souvenirs.



Exploring Australia’s Kakadu National Park (part 1)

One of Australia’s top national parks is the Kakadu National Park. The park is located in the Northern Territory, one of the countries’ states, some 200 kilometers east of the town of Darwin.

Crorcodile in Kakadu National Park

The park is also one of the world’s best-known park. The park became famous when it was featured in the 1986 movie, “Crocodile Dundee,” starring Australia’s very own, Paul Hogan.

Ubirr Rock-Kakadu National Park

Since then, people from all over the world had been flocking to the park, to see its natural wonders.

Moreover, the park is the ancestral home to the Aborigine peoples called the Gagjudju. In the late 1970’s, the land was leased by the tribe to the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Services.

Sunrise in Kakadu National Park

Also, in that time period, the park became a national park and was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Kakadu from the Air



Australia’s Blue Mountains

Where are the Blue Mountains located?

The mountains are located some 50 kilometers from downtown Sydney, in the state of New South Wales. The mountains are made up of flat plateaus, a few rivers, and deep gorges.
Some of these gorges are as deep as 760 meters. The mountains include vistas that are high as 1,200 meters above sea level. In 2000, the area became a World Heritage Site, by UNESCO.

Blue Mountins

History of the Blue Mountains

The Aborigine people first settled the mountain range, many years ago, but the first Europeans did not arrive in the area until the late 1700’s. Moreover, the Aborigine people used the many caves that dot the mountains for shelter.

Three Sisters, Katoomba

The first known European to cross the mountains was a former convict named John Wilson. Mr. Wilson discovered the area in 1792 and stayed with the local people for five years, until he returned to what is now Sydney, to tell their people about this discovery. He also discovered the two known passes that is used to cross these rough mountains.

Kangaroo in Blue Mountains

Climate and Geography of the Blue Mountains

This mountain range is known for its wide variety of climates and its land formation. One part of the mountains have are swamplands while another part has a tropical forest setting.
The mountain’s average daily temperature is between the mid 60’s and 70’s Fahrenheit.

But on winter nights, the temperatures drop below freezing. Generally speaking, snowfall is very common, in the high part of the Blue Mountains and the average rainfall for these mountains is 48 inches.

What to See at the Blue Mountains?

While there, you should see the Katoomba Scenic Railway. The railway is the steepest on earth – rising many miles above the ground. Another place of interest in the Blue Mountains is the Scenic Skyway.

The “skyway” consists of glass-bottomed, ariel cable cars that gives its patrons an great, panoramic view of the mountainside.



Darwin – A Jewel of Australia

Darwin is the capital of the Australian state, Northern Territory, and is located at the top right end of the country.

Darwin, Northern Territory

The city is one of Australia’s top vacation hub, attracting many visitors every year. The city has a new look to it. The main reason for this is in 1974, a cyclone struck the town, completely destroying it.


Soon after the town was rebuilt, it took a new life of its own. Ever since, people have been coming to Darwin to see what the town has to offer. Darwin is also a nice town for families and couples to live and work.

Just like other Australian cities and towns, Darwin has a very low crime rate and a very healthy climate – making it an ideal place to live. As for the local hotels in Darwin, they range from three to five stars and have accommodations that are plentiful.

Sunset at Fannie Bay

If you like to sunbathe, there are the Mindil and Fannie Bay beaches for you to enjoy yourself. Since much of Darwin is surrounded by swamps, you will find plenty of fishes, sea lions, and other exotic creatures there.

Mindil Sunset

Shopping in Darwin is not like shopping in a regular town, although they do have malls, boutique shops, and things of that sort. Here, you will find shops that re more native in their approach.

Aboriginal Man Playing Didgeridoo

Now, if you want to taste the real Australian outback, there’s the Kakadu National Park, Melville Island, and the Arnhem Aboriginal Reserve, where you will see some of the fines flora and fauna that the “land down under” can offer you. Lets’ not forget the wild birds, koala bears, wallabies, and kangaroos that can be seen at these places.

Kakadu National Park



New Year’s Festival in Australia

Does Australia celebrate New Year’s Eve and Day? Sure, they do. The country celebrates New Year’s Day on January 1st. However, unlike most other of the countries in the world, they celebrated in until January 6th – a five-day celebration!

What are the New Year’s celebrations like in the “land down under?”

The celebrations are very jubilant, with people, young and old, dancing and celebrating the coming of the new year. At everyplace imaginable, including places such as beaches, pubs, markets, hotels, clubs, pubs, and even at churches, people gather to sing hymns and listen to them, as the clock strikes 12am on New Year’s Eve.

At 12am, all the church bells in Australian towns ring to signal the coming of the new year. This is when the celebrations reach its peak. At this moment, crowds filled with thousands of people cheering, making noises, throwing confetti, and other good stuff. The New Year’s celebrations in Australia are nearly the same as the ones in America but with more of a spiritual sense to them than in that particular country.

However, in the big towns in Australia, the celebrations are greatly amplified. There, you will see a host of fireworks bursting in the air and lighting up the sky – as thousands of people watch in shock and awe.

In the hotels, some restaurants, and other public places, large parties are held there – with all kinds of food and drinks being served there. In the clubs, though, cabaret shows, gaming events, and other good stuff are held there – giving the celebration a sultry flavor to them.

Old, young, rich, poor, and everybody in between all come together and enjoy these celebrations – all five days of them. By the 6th of January, though, the celebrations c
ome to an end an life goes on as usual, in the “land down under.”



Byron Bay, Australia

If you and/or your family is planning to take a trip to Australia, then you should head for Byron Bay.

Where is Byron Bay located? The town is located some 500 miles north of Sydney – in the north part of New South Wales. The town’s population is small – with a population of nearly 9,000 people and nearly 30,000 living in its surrounding areas.
Byron Bay Lighthouse

In the summer, the area’s average temperature is almost 30C (nearly 85F) and just over 21 degrees Celsius (69F). With a climate like this, it is no wonder why people like to live and vacation there.

In addition, the area is known for its lovely beaches and rain forests. Even if you are not much of a beach person, you should the sparkling-blue waters that surround the beaches. In speaking of the bay’s waters, it is perfect for going skinny-dipping (if you prefer) or swimming and fishing. Let us not forget the lovely hotel, apartment, resorts of the island.

They provide each guest with excellent, comfortable accommodations, which can satisfy any weary or relaxation-seeking traveler.

Also, while at Byron Bay, don’t forget to try the local activates there. These activities include hang gliding, bush walking, surfing, canoeing, deep-sea fishing, sky diving, canoeing, and other fun and relaxing activities.

The area also host Harley motorcycle tours and has the only flying trapeze school in “the land down under.

After a long, tiring day for sightseeing and enjoying yourself, sit down and enjoy a good meal at one of town’s local restaurants. There, you can enjoy a fine native Australian or another dish, while sampling some fine wine or champagne.

For live entertainment, the town regularly host theatrical productions and concerts – with music being provided by the area’s local bands. Or, if you want quiet time, stroll along through one of the nearby beaches – under the moonlights gaze.



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A Tour Through Noosa, Australia

As one of the world’s top paradise spots, Noosa, Australia offers its guests a taste of the real Australia. Do not think that Noosa, or the rest of Australia for that matter, is just a backwards country with outdated technology.

Noosa Sunrise

This is not the case since Noosa and the rest of Australia are equipped with the best modern technologies available. As for its natural beauty, Noosa’s landscape is majestic in all its glory – with its beautiful blue skies and lush sceneries.

Noosa Beach

In Noosa, there are plenty of shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and other places of interests that will peak your interest. One of these places is the Noosa National Park. The park is filled with natural wonders and has been compared to “heaven on Earth” by most people.

Alexander bay, Noosa

Outside the park, however, there is more to see. There, you will find plenty of beaches to enjoy some outdoor fun or to sunbathe in. In addition, you can go scuba diving or fish in the surrounding waters of Noosa.

Furthermore, the hotels that are in or near Noosa are filled with the latest accomodations and perk that will satisfy any traveler. These accommodations are simple, yet offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

Like to play golf? If so, tee-off at some of the golf courses that surround Noosa. Want to see more of Noosa’s natural wonders? If so, check out the nearby Australian Zoo. This zoo hosts some of the most exotic animals in all Australia, including crocodiles, kangaroos, and koala bears.


Next on your tour of Noosa’s natural wonders, you should visit the Great Sandy National Park. There, you can see more of Noosa’s natural beauty and have a barbecue or picnic at any of the designated spots that dots the park.

Noosa River

Lastly, the Sunshine Castle is a good place of interest to see. It is home to the famous dancing dolls – more than 350 of them!



Kangaroo Island at a Glance

If you are ever around in the South Australia area, you should check out Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island is one of the top destinations for travelers in the world. The island is very huge – the size of Singapore 7 times over! This is not a place for one to explore, in an entire day.

Kangaroo Island Lighthouse

The busiest place on the island is the capital city of Kingscote. The city is located near the Nepean Bay and is the main commercial area of the island. The city has a well-built harbor and provides the locals with plenty of boating and fishing opportunities.

Nepean Bay

Also, if you are a night person, local tours of the area can be arranged. While there, you can see and array of exotic plants and animals – which will leave you in amazement. If you are a lover of oysters, head down to the island’s oyster fishery. There, you can sample some of the finest oysters in the area.

Walkway to Seal Bay

Also, check out the nearby Pelican Lagoon, where you can find most of the island’s exotic birds. The North Bay area is filled with beautiful beaches and even more beautiful emus. The beach is located about 20 kilometers from Kingscote.


On the beach, you can play volleyball and other sports, or just relax in the sun. Moreover, if you want to see more of the island’s bountiful wildlife in the area, go to Parndana, or “the place of gums.”

Koala on Kangaroo Island

Located in the center of the island, the typical Australian town is another home to the island’s wildlife. The town also host night koala tours, where you get to see the cute, but endangered animals engaging in their normal activities. The tours are arranged from the community hotel, located in the town.