Darwin – A Jewel of Australia

Darwin is the capital of the Australian state, Northern Territory, and is located at the top right end of the country.

Darwin, Northern Territory

The city is one of Australia’s top vacation hub, attracting many visitors every year. The city has a new look to it. The main reason for this is in 1974, a cyclone struck the town, completely destroying it.


Soon after the town was rebuilt, it took a new life of its own. Ever since, people have been coming to Darwin to see what the town has to offer. Darwin is also a nice town for families and couples to live and work.

Just like other Australian cities and towns, Darwin has a very low crime rate and a very healthy climate – making it an ideal place to live. As for the local hotels in Darwin, they range from three to five stars and have accommodations that are plentiful.

Sunset at Fannie Bay

If you like to sunbathe, there are the Mindil and Fannie Bay beaches for you to enjoy yourself. Since much of Darwin is surrounded by swamps, you will find plenty of fishes, sea lions, and other exotic creatures there.

Mindil Sunset

Shopping in Darwin is not like shopping in a regular town, although they do have malls, boutique shops, and things of that sort. Here, you will find shops that re more native in their approach.

Aboriginal Man Playing Didgeridoo

Now, if you want to taste the real Australian outback, there’s the Kakadu National Park, Melville Island, and the Arnhem Aboriginal Reserve, where you will see some of the fines flora and fauna that the “land down under” can offer you. Lets’ not forget the wild birds, koala bears, wallabies, and kangaroos that can be seen at these places.

Kakadu National Park

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