Australian Cattle Dog

Facts about the Australian Cattle dogs!

Australian cattle dogs are known to be clever kind of species that are extremely energetic. They are also referred to as the Blue Heeler, the Red Heeler, and the Queensland Heeler. These species always long for a constant task to work on so that they could experience lots of exercise.

My Facts About Australia: Australian Cattle Dog

This is the reason why Australian cattle dog owners should be persistent enough to look for new ways on how they could train them. Showing them new creative tricks is one great way of entertaining these highly active species. Having Australian Cattle dogs around the corner truly requires a great amount of space.

My Facts About Australia: Little Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle dogs possess a well-built solid body with a very good stamina. They measure around 18 to 20 inches long although females are about 17 to 19 inches only. It is believed that an Australian cattle dog is in good physical shape when it weighs from 35 to 50 pounds.

My Facts About Australia: Cattle Dog

Australian cattle dogs are recognized as tremendous guard dogs because of their spirited behavior. Aside from the fact that they are highly energetic, they are also known to be intelligent and loyal to their owners.
My Facts About Australia: Australian Cattle Dogs

Training the Australian cattle dogs at an early age is a good idea so that they would turn out to be cautious and alert towards strangers. If you want them to become affectionate household pets, then there is a need to expose them to meeting people from a young age.

My Facts About Australia: Australian Dog

They always call for numerous activities to keep them preoccupied. Their routines should be monitored and attention-grabbing to prevent these controlling dogs from getting bored. Training such breeds is definitely an exciting yet challenging activity!


Bondi Beach

Bondi beach

Bondi beach is not only an icon of Australian but it is the world’s icon. The sandy beach at the Bondi makes it well known all over the world. Being one of the popular and famous beaches in Australia, Bondi offers various fun filled activities that are suitable for all budgets as well as for people of all ages. Bondi beach is an attractive and a mesmerizing place to visit if you are planning to spend some amount of time in Sydney.

My Facts About Australia: Bondi Beach

During the summers, Bondi is a blossoming sophisticated centre for having fun and to enjoy surfing. The beach attracts and mesmerizes the visitors forging the memories of sun, sand and surf. The Bondi beach is a part of the outsized moon shaped area of white sand and breaking waves. It borders the apartments and parks overlooking the blue water.

My Facts About Australia: Surf in Bondi Beach

Bondi beach offers a lot of restaurants and café that server the people throughout the day. Spanning along the length of the beach is a series of hotels, shops, tourist outlets for the souvenir hunter which bustles with activities most of the time as well as the eateries.

My Facts About Australia: Bondi Beach like Prison

Campbell strip has the maximum restaurants and shops in the town where the visitors can find everything from snacking to the sit down dining options. The beach also has attractive parkland where the tourist and locals can relax, take a walk and can also play games. It is also a popular place among the skaters, cyclists and rollerbladers. Bondi beach is the one of the best places in the world for scuba diving.

My Facts About Australia: Famous Bondi Beach

Other than the beach, Bondi has a lot to offer. The Bondi beach market that is held every Sunday is a great place for picking up some local food, art and clothing. Bondi junction market is another famous local market that is located in the Bondi Mall.


Palm Beach

Palm beach one of the best beaches in Australia

Australia is famous for its beautiful and charming beaches. However, some of the beaches stand out from the rest like Palm Beach. A well known beach of Sydney with multitudes of cabbage tree palms is the most preferred beach for holidays by many of the people. As early as 1832 this majestic region of Australia had emerged on maps as cabbage tree boat harbor.

My Facts About Australia: Palm Beach

Palm Beach is famous for its location for many of the music videos. The city is right and the Palm Beach is spectacular. This Beach is the habitat to a numeral parks, beaches, and sporting areas including the national park which provides the visitors a great view.

My Facts About Australia: The Great Palm Beach

The Palm Beach is perfect for the water sports fanatic and the passionate trekker. The sports that make the beach adventurous are windsurfing, sailing, and catamarans. If you move towards the northern point of the palm beach you can find a light house which is named”Barrenjoey”.

My Facts About Australia: Surf in Palm Beach

Palm Beach also has a golf club, a sailing club and surf school with two of the surf life saving clubs. There is easy transportation from rose bay in Sydney to the Palm Beach by Palm Beach seaplanes. Palm Beach water airport is positioned at the northern end with Palm seashore ferry running from a dockside in the town center to great Mackerel Beach, Ettalong, Currawong shore and the Basin.

My Facts About Australia: Palm Beach Hotel

You can find everything from small cottages to grand estates in the Palm Beach that are owned by the country’s most affluence people. Many famous people including actors can also be found spending their holidays at Palm Beach in summers.


Hyams Beach Jervis Bay

Hyams Beach Jervis Bay

Hyams Beach Jervis Bay is one of the best beaches of Australia. It is just three hours away from Canberra and two and a half hours away from Sydney. A lot of natural attractions of the place keep the visitors busy and excited. The place is surrounded with plants and kangaroos rather than man made structures.

My Facts About Australia: Hyams Beach Jervis Bay

The beach is said to have the clearest water out of all the beaches of Australia. The resort area in the beach gives the travelers a very relaxing and pleasurable time. The place attracts visitors from all over the world. Dolphins and kangaroos in the morning make this beach a complete delight for the people.

My Facts About Australia: Dolphins in Jervis Bay

The beach has the facilities for the great experience of the whale watching, swimming, jet skiing, fishing. You can also try diving and snorkeling for the wonderful rendezvous with the sea life. One can sunbathe or have a tour around the beach for a great time.

My Facts About Australia: Beautiful Beach

Beautiful and comfortable holiday homes are also available for the visitors of the place. The snacks and proper accommodation adds to the joy of the tourists. The white sand feels great to the feet. You can try all kinds of sports on the Hyams Beach Jervis Bay for maximum enjoyment.

My Facts About Australia: Yatching in Jervis Bay

Because of the extremely natural environment of the beach, it has been declared as national park too. The maintenance of the beach is very high and that makes it one of the cleanest beaches in Australia. Visit the Hyams Beach Jervis Bay for the most memorable vacation in Australia.


Four Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, QLD

Australia is a beautiful country that is lined with a number of beaches. One of the most striking beaches in Australia is the four mile beach in port Douglas. Located in Queensland, the beach is easily accessible.

My Facts About Australia: Four Mile Beach

The beach is four miles long, as the name suggests. Once you are there at the beach, you can just be there for hours together and would not feel like coming back home. This is the best place to go and relax for hours together.

My Facts About Australia: Relax on Four Mile Beach

The rocky headland to the north marks the beginning of the beach and you can roam around here and explore new surroundings. The weather is amazing due to the sea and cool breeze blows throughout the day.

My Facts About Australia: Sunrise on Four Mile Beach

Be careful while you move in the sand as you may come across crabs and some other insects as well. The beach is fully lined with palm trees and they hide all the guest houses and shops made near the beach. Due to the trees, the beach appears even more beautiful.

My Facts About Australia: Beautiful Four Mile Beach

The deep blue water gives you a good opportunity to surf the waves and the fine white sand is perfect for taking a stroll. Run around or exercise or play a game of beach volleyball, the beach is just perfect for all types of activities. Beware of the jelly fishes that are in abundance in one the beach.

My Facts About Australia: Play Beach Volleyball on Four Mile Beach

Take care that you do not go out of the safe swimming area that has been covered with nets. Whenever you are planning to visit this amazing country, add four mile beach to your itinerary because if you do not come here, you will miss all the fun.


Bells Beach

Bells Beach - Australia Beach

Lying in the small town- Victoria, Bells beach is the iconographic surfing spot in Australia. It is one beach that has made place in every surfer’s heart from past 40 years. Bells beach is actually a wide sediment reef break made by the ocean storms of south.

My Facts About Australia: Bells Beach

The surfing enthusiasts can surely get a treat at Bells Beach, Australia. This beach provides a haven for the surfers. One can surf in the Bells beach in high and low waves. The unusual break called bowl in the beach makes the beach a hit among the surfers. This beach is also the host for the longest surfing competition of the world.

My Facts About Australia: Visit Bells Beach

The environmental qualities have been celebrated by the surfers of the beach. The water of Bells beach is very clear and deep blue. It is completely unaffected by the pollution. Shore gives a beautiful view as it is surrounded by the yellow ochre sea cliffs that plunge in water of the beach.

My Facts About Australia: Surfer on Bells Beach in Victoria

The beach is absolute delight for the visitors of the place and offers surfers a wonderful surfing experience. One who is not interested in surfing can do a lot of other activities on this beach. One can go cycling around the beach in the sun for the great time. You can also enjoy the tasty food with sun smiling on the head.

My Facts About Australia: Catch a Wave

The vacation in Australia is incomplete without a visit to the Bells beach. The beach offers great time to you and your family. You can go for the scuba dividing, shopping for added pleasure. This beautiful and clean beach can surely give the most fun filled moments of your holiday in Australia.