Bondi Beach

Bondi beach

Bondi beach is not only an icon of Australian but it is the world’s icon. The sandy beach at the Bondi makes it well known all over the world. Being one of the popular and famous beaches in Australia, Bondi offers various fun filled activities that are suitable for all budgets as well as for people of all ages. Bondi beach is an attractive and a mesmerizing place to visit if you are planning to spend some amount of time in Sydney.

My Facts About Australia: Bondi Beach

During the summers, Bondi is a blossoming sophisticated centre for having fun and to enjoy surfing. The beach attracts and mesmerizes the visitors forging the memories of sun, sand and surf. The Bondi beach is a part of the outsized moon shaped area of white sand and breaking waves. It borders the apartments and parks overlooking the blue water.

My Facts About Australia: Surf in Bondi Beach

Bondi beach offers a lot of restaurants and café that server the people throughout the day. Spanning along the length of the beach is a series of hotels, shops, tourist outlets for the souvenir hunter which bustles with activities most of the time as well as the eateries.

My Facts About Australia: Bondi Beach like Prison

Campbell strip has the maximum restaurants and shops in the town where the visitors can find everything from snacking to the sit down dining options. The beach also has attractive parkland where the tourist and locals can relax, take a walk and can also play games. It is also a popular place among the skaters, cyclists and rollerbladers. Bondi beach is the one of the best places in the world for scuba diving.

My Facts About Australia: Famous Bondi Beach

Other than the beach, Bondi has a lot to offer. The Bondi beach market that is held every Sunday is a great place for picking up some local food, art and clothing. Bondi junction market is another famous local market that is located in the Bondi Mall.

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