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Meet the People on Australia Fact

Early inhabitants of Australia are said to have arrived in the place around 50 thousand years ago coming from South-East Asia and other neighboring islands such as the Torres Strait. It is an Australia fact that these people were Aboriginal.

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Having said that, Aboriginal people have a distinct accent and the language of native Australians as heard in their speech mannerisms. These people have unique names in comparison with the contemporary ones which are largely influenced by different settlers and navigators of Australia.

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These group of inhabitants were hunters and food gatherers by nature. Basically, they live for survival and on later were able to develop a wider cultural civilization between them. Today, Aboriginal Australians are unlikely called such and rather referred by law as indigenous people with great respect.

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Among the Aboriginals who have made big names in their chosen fields are Neville Bonner, the Senator, Katherine Freeman, an Olympic Athlete- all have indeed earned the accorded respect that they should have.

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Like any other race or group of people, Australia fact have their own distinct taste of living and communication. In fact, they are known to have more than one culture in particular which are mostly influenced by Europeans such as Dutch, French and others. Australians are generally fun people who enjoy adventures, risks, and other courageous acts and challenges. These things are considered to have largely shaped their psyche and optimism towards life and reality.

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They do not discriminate people who are not their kind since they are already exposed to different cultures and traditions from all over the world, having immigration as one of the highlights in their tourism industry. Although as recorded in Australia fact, there are more Europeans in population and lesser Asians.


Australia can Be Dangerous

Australia, just like any other places, can be dangerous too!

Australia is an amazingly lovely place for vacation. Its temperature is enjoyable even in winter months. It has been known as a favorite tourist destination because most people speak English, public transportation is not a problem, the crime rate is low, and security in public places is tight.

My Facts About Australia: Watch out for Crocodiles

But like any other places, there are dangers everywhere. There are poisonous spiders and snakes, dangerous sharks and crocodiles, and many other creatures. There are definitely a great number of things to keep in mind especially when going on a vacation.

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Crocodiles and sharks are the most made known hazards that affect tourists to Australia each year. Crocodile attacks as well as shark attacks are one of the many causes of death that occur each year. Some people even think that Australia is a hostile place for unwary travelers.

My Facts about Australia: Watch out for Sharks

Sharks and crocodiles are often spotted off the coast in South Australia. This is the reason why they find it very important to warn visitors to keep an eye on posted warnings without venturing into risky areas.

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In order to do away with horrible encounters with dangerous sea creatures, it is advisable not to swim near seals and it’s definitely not safe to be swimming alone. Avoid all areas where signs are posted indicating the presence of unsafe creatures. An even more dangerous threat to swimmers is one that you might not even notice.

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People who are heading to Australia should have an idea about the dangerous creatures that should be avoided. However, a study was conducted showing that the biggest threats to visitors are heat exhaustion and dehydration.

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To avoid any unpleasant encounters, the most important thing to bring before going to Australia is your common sense!


Population In Australia

Population in Australia Fact

Australia is among one of the most fantastic destinations in the globe today. An Australian fact is that aside from its great landscape and the ever famous outbacks, there remains a glorious attraction among its people.

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Indeed, Australia is not just about the physical sights and sounds, there is actually something more to this wonderful holiday getaway. From the native Aborigines to today’s friendly Aussies, the smallest continent’s tourism industry is buzzing because of its people. Thus, we are going to feature the Aussie’s origins and tackle the population that has developed up to these days.

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Originally inhabited by 250 individual nations before the European settlement in the late 18th century, Australia was originally inhabited by Aborigines. When the British claimed the eastern half in 1770, and the colony of New South Wales was founded on January 26, 1788, Australia was initially settled through penal transportation.

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After which, the population eventually grew as the years passed with the continent being explored and new parts are being discovered. When the 19th century came, five self-governing Crown Colonies were added, increasing the Australian fact population even more.

More recently, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released a report that the population has grown by 389,000, a growth rate of 1.8 per cent, from the start of the year 2008. It was considered to be the highest growth rate since the 1950s and 1960s when post-war immigration and high birth rates increased the level by 2 percent.

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The high surge of the population is actually from large volumes of overseas immigration. This is actually an opportunity for citizens of third world countries who have the right skills and talents to settle in this developed land and impart their knowledge. Hence, this Australia fact all the more makes it an irresistible destination to tour around.


Aborigines in Australia

Australian Aborigines: Who are they?

Australian Aborigines make up 2.4% of the modern population of Australia. These natives of Australia exist in the Australian mainland just near Tasmania. They are believed to be knowledgeable in speaking over 250 languages and dialects, 20 of which is already considered dying out.

Aborigines in Sydney

Australian Aborigines own a culture and heritage and a history unique from the other groups all over the world. Their native language is believed to be not connected to any other languages. At present, there are less than 200 indigenous Australian languages that are in use. Most of the languages exhibit unique speech registers that are intimate in use.

Modern Aborigines

The Australian Aborigines put on view a great number of divisions flanked by tribes and the polyglot grouping pattern. There are succeeding varieties of numerous cultural practices. Today, a report showed that there has been an increase in the number of Islam followers. Some time ago, different groups showed individual culture, language and belief.


The culture of Australia is extremely rich with the Aboriginal art and paintings. Paintings such as the bark painting and the rock art truly show the Australian Aborigines in harmony with Mother Nature.

Aboriginal Art

The relationship between the people and nature is most noticeable in the use of well-matched earthly colors in the paintings. As time passed by, Aboriginal artists are up to the use of versatile modern materials instead of using ochre aiming to continue the tradition.

Aboriginal Men

Australian Aborigines of today are now urbanized compared to before. The world at large thinks it would be a great idea to distinguish their uniqueness and to assist them in preserving their heritage!


Find Job in Australia

Find Jobs and Employment with Australia Fact

Due to the influx of migration services for Australia, many individuals (most especially from developing nations), want to work and build their careers in the world’s smallest continent.

Office building in Sydney

It is an Australia fact that population growth have been slower when compared to other nations especially when considering its large physical demography. Thus, the Australian government came up with ways on how to increase population while still being able to balance their economic needs.

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So if you are from a third world country and have the right skills to work in Australia, now is your time to make that career shift. All you need is the right travel documents and the proper qualifications to be able to get a working visa in Australia.

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It is Australia fact that there are many opportunities for the talented and the highly qualified worker along this vast multicultural country. You can look for jobs and employment agencies on the Web and submit applications conveniently.

Working on the Beach

These on-line employment firms definitely make the applicant’s task easier because they also provide tips and guides on Australia’s culture, people and the overall working environment. Just make sure that you chose a reputable agency to get optimum migration services at affordable costs.

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One downside of migrating to highly developed countries is that travel agencies might charge very high fees. Thus, it pays to know and understand first Australia fact to avoid future problems with paperworks and to be properly guided on what to expect when working under Australian laws. Plus, you will certainly get a satisfying job once you get to know the respectful, friendly Aussies as well.


Cruise to Australia

Take a weeklong trip or cruise to Australia!

A day of cruise to Australia is simply not enough. With all the great attractions it has to offer, one will need to stay in for a week or month to appreciate the beauty the continent has to offer.

Noosa River, Queensland

First stop, Queensland. In the big city of Brisbane, tourist must try the famous Dreamworld theme park and WhiteWater World water park. Bargara berries in Bundaberg and Coral Isles is also a must visit place for delicious strawberries.

WhiteWater World Water Park

For the second stop the Victoria. For all the sweet tooth, don’t ever miss exploring all of mouth-watering chocolates in Melbourne. A great skydiving can be enjoyed in Gippsland. Bendigo ballooning in Goldfields is also a must try to a trip in Victoria.

Gippsland Lakes

For the third stop is the refreshing place of Tasmania. Valleys, islands, and mountains are among the tourist spots found in Tasmania. For all the adventure seekers, Launceston and Tamar Valley is a must try. For all the beach seekers, Flinders Island and King Island is the way for you.

Kangaroo Island

And for the last stop is the New South Wales. With the most populous state in Australian continent, this place has surely a lot of attractions to seek for. Take a romantic tour on a boat or yacht in Sydney. Drive along at their capital country and a great water adventure in The Murray and Riverina.

Spirit of Tasmania

There are still so many wonders you can visit in Australia. Take a pick at these few wonderful attractions for your lasting trip and cruise to the beautiful continent of Australia.


New South Wales

New South Wales – a world-class tourist attraction!

The Australian continent is known for its great tourist spots with clean and well managed surroundings and this fact has been enduring until now. One place to top in the list is the New South Wales.

Mango National Park

Located at south-east fraction of the continent of Australia with 802 000 of total land area, the New South Wales is well known for the oldest state having the most number of residents, highly industrialized, and has many world-class attractions.

Kangaroo in Mango National Park

Their population composed primarily of Australian citizens and some people from United Kingdom, China, and New Zealand.

Map of New South Wales

Each region and province has developed through time and almost every part of New South Wales has something worth appreciating for.

Palm Beach, New South Wales

This is because their government helps so much in molding the future not just in their places but with the people as well. Here are some of the national wonders in New South Wales that every tourist must explore.


Parks – currently there are approximately 780 clean reserves and national parks in New South Wales, namely world heritage parks, rainforests, waterfalls, deserts, and marine paradise.

Dangar Falls, Dorrigo

Mountains – there are many unique mountains in New South Wales such as the Snowy Mountains and Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains’ present spectacular flora and fauna with a land trip of just two hours or less from the main roads of Sydney.

Huskisson, South Wales

Tourist need not worry about the place because you can find hotels, resorts, and restaurants equipped with all the convenience you need.

Sawn Rock, Mount Kaputar

There are also shopping stops and art galleries for your keepsakes. Activities like mountain hiking, biking, horse riding and racing are best for this place.