New South Wales

New South Wales – a world-class tourist attraction!

The Australian continent is known for its great tourist spots with clean and well managed surroundings and this fact has been enduring until now. One place to top in the list is the New South Wales.

Mango National Park

Located at south-east fraction of the continent of Australia with 802 000 of total land area, the New South Wales is well known for the oldest state having the most number of residents, highly industrialized, and has many world-class attractions.

Kangaroo in Mango National Park

Their population composed primarily of Australian citizens and some people from United Kingdom, China, and New Zealand.

Map of New South Wales

Each region and province has developed through time and almost every part of New South Wales has something worth appreciating for.

Palm Beach, New South Wales

This is because their government helps so much in molding the future not just in their places but with the people as well. Here are some of the national wonders in New South Wales that every tourist must explore.


Parks – currently there are approximately 780 clean reserves and national parks in New South Wales, namely world heritage parks, rainforests, waterfalls, deserts, and marine paradise.

Dangar Falls, Dorrigo

Mountains – there are many unique mountains in New South Wales such as the Snowy Mountains and Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains’ present spectacular flora and fauna with a land trip of just two hours or less from the main roads of Sydney.

Huskisson, South Wales

Tourist need not worry about the place because you can find hotels, resorts, and restaurants equipped with all the convenience you need.

Sawn Rock, Mount Kaputar

There are also shopping stops and art galleries for your keepsakes. Activities like mountain hiking, biking, horse riding and racing are best for this place.

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