Aborigines in Australia

Australian Aborigines: Who are they?

Australian Aborigines make up 2.4% of the modern population of Australia. These natives of Australia exist in the Australian mainland just near Tasmania. They are believed to be knowledgeable in speaking over 250 languages and dialects, 20 of which is already considered dying out.

Aborigines in Sydney

Australian Aborigines own a culture and heritage and a history unique from the other groups all over the world. Their native language is believed to be not connected to any other languages. At present, there are less than 200 indigenous Australian languages that are in use. Most of the languages exhibit unique speech registers that are intimate in use.

Modern Aborigines

The Australian Aborigines put on view a great number of divisions flanked by tribes and the polyglot grouping pattern. There are succeeding varieties of numerous cultural practices. Today, a report showed that there has been an increase in the number of Islam followers. Some time ago, different groups showed individual culture, language and belief.


The culture of Australia is extremely rich with the Aboriginal art and paintings. Paintings such as the bark painting and the rock art truly show the Australian Aborigines in harmony with Mother Nature.

Aboriginal Art

The relationship between the people and nature is most noticeable in the use of well-matched earthly colors in the paintings. As time passed by, Aboriginal artists are up to the use of versatile modern materials instead of using ochre aiming to continue the tradition.

Aboriginal Men

Australian Aborigines of today are now urbanized compared to before. The world at large thinks it would be a great idea to distinguish their uniqueness and to assist them in preserving their heritage!


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