Australia can Be Dangerous

Australia, just like any other places, can be dangerous too!

Australia is an amazingly lovely place for vacation. Its temperature is enjoyable even in winter months. It has been known as a favorite tourist destination because most people speak English, public transportation is not a problem, the crime rate is low, and security in public places is tight.

My Facts About Australia: Watch out for Crocodiles

But like any other places, there are dangers everywhere. There are poisonous spiders and snakes, dangerous sharks and crocodiles, and many other creatures. There are definitely a great number of things to keep in mind especially when going on a vacation.

My Facts about Australia: Crocodile

Crocodiles and sharks are the most made known hazards that affect tourists to Australia each year. Crocodile attacks as well as shark attacks are one of the many causes of death that occur each year. Some people even think that Australia is a hostile place for unwary travelers.

My Facts about Australia: Watch out for Sharks

Sharks and crocodiles are often spotted off the coast in South Australia. This is the reason why they find it very important to warn visitors to keep an eye on posted warnings without venturing into risky areas.

My Facts about Australia: Sharky, Sharky

In order to do away with horrible encounters with dangerous sea creatures, it is advisable not to swim near seals and it’s definitely not safe to be swimming alone. Avoid all areas where signs are posted indicating the presence of unsafe creatures. An even more dangerous threat to swimmers is one that you might not even notice.

My Facts about Australia: Crocodil Attack

People who are heading to Australia should have an idea about the dangerous creatures that should be avoided. However, a study was conducted showing that the biggest threats to visitors are heat exhaustion and dehydration.

My Facts about Australia: Shark

To avoid any unpleasant encounters, the most important thing to bring before going to Australia is your common sense!

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