Manly Beach

Manly, the Best Beach in Australia

For a long, time the land of Australia and Tasmania inhabited by individuals of different nations. The earlier Australians were hunter and gatherers with complex spiritual values and culture. It covers a huge area of 34,218 kilometers of coastline; the Great Barrier Reef lies in the east and covers an area of 2000 kilometers. The world’s largest monolith Mount Augustus is located in Western part of the country at a height of 7,310 feet’s.

My Facts About Australia: Manly Beach

The land of Australia is famous for its beaches with clear skies and water, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world. One of the most famous beaches is the manly beach.

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Located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, manly beach has three main sections namely Queencliff, North Steyne and South Steyne. Within a short distance comes the Fairy Bower and Shelley Beaches. Manly beach is highly known to the tourists and has Council Lifeguards, which operate the whole year at South Steyne and from October to April at North Steyne and Queencliff. Lifesavers are also voluntary on weekends and there is public holiday May until October. Manly has been a fascination spot for poets, artists and photographers.

My Facts About Australia: Shelly Beach

The Corso, one of Main Street of manly for shopping and dining runs all across the beach towards the point where it marks the boundary between North and South Steyne.

My Facts About Australia: Manly Beach Volley

Tourist can find the right accommodation of their stay around the Manly Beach with best room space, balcony view and rates. Those looking for peace and isolation can opt for the manly beach.


Palm Beach of Australia

Palm Beach of Australia

The Palm Beach is the most well known beach of the Australia and is famous from the name of summer bay. The Palm Beach is a perfect discovery among the north side beaches of the Sydney part of the Australia. One can easily experience the luxurious life style in the Palm Beach. It is the perfect vacation spot for the people.

My Facts About Australia: Palm Beach

One can spend quality of time in these beaches as Palm Beach is the most beautiful vacation and comes under the category of glamorous beaches. The main attractions of the Palm Beach are aboriginal ancestory and national parks. In Palm Beach tour of Australia, one can take the pleasure of northern peninsula hard to find anywhere else.

My Facts About Australia: House on Palm Beach

The tourist also concentrates in the surrounding areas of the Palm Beach such as whale beach, Mona vale beaches, bigola, Newport, bay view , church point and many more attractive place that attract the tourist to visit palm beach for spend quality time with the family. The suburbs of the Palm Beach forms the most beautiful Pittwater districts along with the advantage of the experiencing the different coastal life style activities take place in the palm beach.

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The main activities experienced in the Palm Beach are dining, relaxing, swimming, sun-bake and many more activities to enjoy the calm and peaceful nature of the place. it relieve the mind of the people from all the tensions that take place in the usual daily routine. Visiting at Palm Beach is perfect decision taken by the people to spend their vacation because it gives the tourist full value of the money.


Bondi Beach of Australia

Bondi beach of Australia

Bondi beach is one of the most popular and famous beach of the Australia. It falls under the category of the perfect destinations. The beach is roughly few kilometers long and patrolled by lifesavers that make the destination famous in front of the people. The swimmers in the Bondi beach always stay between the red and yellow flags.

My Facts About Australia: Bondy Beach

The Bondi beach of the Australia placed in the east coast side, which consider as the suburb of the Sydney. The service of public transportation is extraordinary remarkable in the Bondi beach of Australia. The tourist crowded the Bondi beach during the summer season as people love to spend summer vacation with their family in the calm environment of the Bondi beach.

My Facts About Australia: Surfing on Bondi Beach

The Bondi beach is one of the famous surfer beaches where one can easily take the pleasure of the water sports. It is one the famous world’s Australian beach of the Sydney. The seaside promenade beaches of Sydney stretches along the oceanfront and it is one of the wonderful place to spend their luxurious time in the Bondi beach of Australia.

My Facts About Australia: View at Bondi Beach

One can also take the pleasure of the ice-cold Australian beer that gives a sense of pleasure to the people. The dinning and restaurant facilities are also easy remarkable that make the tourist to enjoy the luxurious life. The Bondi beach of Australia is one of the most attractive tourist destinations provide best accommodation and see sight advantage to the people who come there to spend their vacations in the beautiful Bondi beach.