Hyams Beach Jervis Bay

Hyams Beach Jervis Bay

Hyams Beach Jervis Bay is one of the best beaches of Australia. It is just three hours away from Canberra and two and a half hours away from Sydney. A lot of natural attractions of the place keep the visitors busy and excited. The place is surrounded with plants and kangaroos rather than man made structures.

My Facts About Australia: Hyams Beach Jervis Bay

The beach is said to have the clearest water out of all the beaches of Australia. The resort area in the beach gives the travelers a very relaxing and pleasurable time. The place attracts visitors from all over the world. Dolphins and kangaroos in the morning make this beach a complete delight for the people.

My Facts About Australia: Dolphins in Jervis Bay

The beach has the facilities for the great experience of the whale watching, swimming, jet skiing, fishing. You can also try diving and snorkeling for the wonderful rendezvous with the sea life. One can sunbathe or have a tour around the beach for a great time.

My Facts About Australia: Beautiful Beach

Beautiful and comfortable holiday homes are also available for the visitors of the place. The snacks and proper accommodation adds to the joy of the tourists. The white sand feels great to the feet. You can try all kinds of sports on the Hyams Beach Jervis Bay for maximum enjoyment.

My Facts About Australia: Yatching in Jervis Bay

Because of the extremely natural environment of the beach, it has been declared as national park too. The maintenance of the beach is very high and that makes it one of the cleanest beaches in Australia. Visit the Hyams Beach Jervis Bay for the most memorable vacation in Australia.


alisha66 said...

The Jervis Bay is a National Park and is really nice. Some say Hyams beach has the clearest water in Australia, possibly the world. You find the better accommodation, cafe house, a unique and diverse range of places to stay.

Iavs Visa said...

I’m planning to apply for a travel visa to visit my relatives in Australia. These two tourist spots will surely be written in my list of places to visit. The Jarvis bay and HYAMS beach are two places that are new to me. This will surely be one of the best vacations I will experience.