Bells Beach

Bells Beach - Australia Beach

Lying in the small town- Victoria, Bells beach is the iconographic surfing spot in Australia. It is one beach that has made place in every surfer’s heart from past 40 years. Bells beach is actually a wide sediment reef break made by the ocean storms of south.

My Facts About Australia: Bells Beach

The surfing enthusiasts can surely get a treat at Bells Beach, Australia. This beach provides a haven for the surfers. One can surf in the Bells beach in high and low waves. The unusual break called bowl in the beach makes the beach a hit among the surfers. This beach is also the host for the longest surfing competition of the world.

My Facts About Australia: Visit Bells Beach

The environmental qualities have been celebrated by the surfers of the beach. The water of Bells beach is very clear and deep blue. It is completely unaffected by the pollution. Shore gives a beautiful view as it is surrounded by the yellow ochre sea cliffs that plunge in water of the beach.

My Facts About Australia: Surfer on Bells Beach in Victoria

The beach is absolute delight for the visitors of the place and offers surfers a wonderful surfing experience. One who is not interested in surfing can do a lot of other activities on this beach. One can go cycling around the beach in the sun for the great time. You can also enjoy the tasty food with sun smiling on the head.

My Facts About Australia: Catch a Wave

The vacation in Australia is incomplete without a visit to the Bells beach. The beach offers great time to you and your family. You can go for the scuba dividing, shopping for added pleasure. This beautiful and clean beach can surely give the most fun filled moments of your holiday in Australia.

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