Australian Cattle Dog

Facts about the Australian Cattle dogs!

Australian cattle dogs are known to be clever kind of species that are extremely energetic. They are also referred to as the Blue Heeler, the Red Heeler, and the Queensland Heeler. These species always long for a constant task to work on so that they could experience lots of exercise.

My Facts About Australia: Australian Cattle Dog

This is the reason why Australian cattle dog owners should be persistent enough to look for new ways on how they could train them. Showing them new creative tricks is one great way of entertaining these highly active species. Having Australian Cattle dogs around the corner truly requires a great amount of space.

My Facts About Australia: Little Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle dogs possess a well-built solid body with a very good stamina. They measure around 18 to 20 inches long although females are about 17 to 19 inches only. It is believed that an Australian cattle dog is in good physical shape when it weighs from 35 to 50 pounds.

My Facts About Australia: Cattle Dog

Australian cattle dogs are recognized as tremendous guard dogs because of their spirited behavior. Aside from the fact that they are highly energetic, they are also known to be intelligent and loyal to their owners.
My Facts About Australia: Australian Cattle Dogs

Training the Australian cattle dogs at an early age is a good idea so that they would turn out to be cautious and alert towards strangers. If you want them to become affectionate household pets, then there is a need to expose them to meeting people from a young age.

My Facts About Australia: Australian Dog

They always call for numerous activities to keep them preoccupied. Their routines should be monitored and attention-grabbing to prevent these controlling dogs from getting bored. Training such breeds is definitely an exciting yet challenging activity!

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