Four Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, QLD

Australia is a beautiful country that is lined with a number of beaches. One of the most striking beaches in Australia is the four mile beach in port Douglas. Located in Queensland, the beach is easily accessible.

My Facts About Australia: Four Mile Beach

The beach is four miles long, as the name suggests. Once you are there at the beach, you can just be there for hours together and would not feel like coming back home. This is the best place to go and relax for hours together.

My Facts About Australia: Relax on Four Mile Beach

The rocky headland to the north marks the beginning of the beach and you can roam around here and explore new surroundings. The weather is amazing due to the sea and cool breeze blows throughout the day.

My Facts About Australia: Sunrise on Four Mile Beach

Be careful while you move in the sand as you may come across crabs and some other insects as well. The beach is fully lined with palm trees and they hide all the guest houses and shops made near the beach. Due to the trees, the beach appears even more beautiful.

My Facts About Australia: Beautiful Four Mile Beach

The deep blue water gives you a good opportunity to surf the waves and the fine white sand is perfect for taking a stroll. Run around or exercise or play a game of beach volleyball, the beach is just perfect for all types of activities. Beware of the jelly fishes that are in abundance in one the beach.

My Facts About Australia: Play Beach Volleyball on Four Mile Beach

Take care that you do not go out of the safe swimming area that has been covered with nets. Whenever you are planning to visit this amazing country, add four mile beach to your itinerary because if you do not come here, you will miss all the fun.

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