Melbourne most livable city

Melbourne: The most livable city in Australia

Melbourne situated in the Southern of the Australia is undoubtedly the most livable city in the whole world. The city has the perfect combination of all the important ingredients for the great life which includes climate, durability, accessibility, location, leisure and social activities, and the living standard. This wonderful city will provide you with the great opportunity to spend your holidays perfectly.

My Facts About Australia: Melbourne

One of the reasons for visiting Melbourne is the famous drive of the Great Ocean Road. The road has some dramatic and the stunning coastline in the Australia. If you are traveling early, you have the option of taking the forests of the eucalyptus with the koalas and the rain forests having the flora and the fauna. The Yarra Valley is situated on the Melbourne’s doorstep. You can experience the valley in different ways by flying over it in the hot balloon.

My Facts About Australia: Yarra Valley

The oldest zoo in Melbourne makes it the house of the various rescues of the animals and the eco centers, where one has the option of getting close with the Australian wildlife. You will be having the opportunity of spotting emus, cockatoos, koalas, wallabies and the kangaroos.

My Facts About Australia: Koala

The nightlife of Melbourne has a great offering for almost all the age groups. You can look for the tour of the late night in the brewery of the Fosters. In the Fosters all kinds of the tastes and the cultures are catered and taken care of.

My Facts About Australia: Malbourne Nightlife

If you are a shopping freak, then Melbourne is the best place for all the shoppers. One has the option of wandering in the fashion lanes or the old arcades for the eclectic and the unusual pieces.

My Facts About Australia: Australian Shoping

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