Port Douglas

Port Douglas for Adventure lovers

If you are an adventurous person and love to spend your weekends at the places close to nature then Port Douglas, Australia is the right place where you can find both. Port Douglas is well-known for its Great Barrier Reef and spectacular rainforest.

My Facts About Australia: Port Douglas

Situated in the far north Queensland, the major area of this place is surrounded by the famous Daintree River and also includes Islands like Salisburry and Island Point. One of the most famous beaches that you should visit in Port Douglas is Four Mile Beach which gives you immense pleasure and peace.

My Facts About Australia: Four Mile Beach

You can make your stay at Resort, which you can easily find in reasonable prices. One such resort that is not only attractive but also provides you with some appealing facilities like pool and luxurious bar is the Plantation Resort.

My Facts About Australia: Resort and Spa In Port Douglas

If you are a first time visitor then don’t forget to book your full-day cruise at the Greta Barrier Reef, where you will get to see three reef areas and can also look closely to the fish and coral with the help of snorkeling equipment provided.

My Facts About Australia: Map of Port Douglas

You can even do Scuba diving with young professionals. This can make your day adventurous and memorable.

My Facts About Australia: Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef

If you have made your stay in a hotel that is situated in the centre then you can easily walk to visit different places in Port Douglas, otherwise you can make use of public transport like taxi or you can also choose private limousines.

My Facts About Australia: Port Douglas, Queensland

Many people hire bicycle to travel all the way in Port Douglas. Port Douglas is also quite famous for its beach bag and various types of wines.

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