A Tour Through Noosa, Australia

As one of the world’s top paradise spots, Noosa, Australia offers its guests a taste of the real Australia. Do not think that Noosa, or the rest of Australia for that matter, is just a backwards country with outdated technology.

Noosa Sunrise

This is not the case since Noosa and the rest of Australia are equipped with the best modern technologies available. As for its natural beauty, Noosa’s landscape is majestic in all its glory – with its beautiful blue skies and lush sceneries.

Noosa Beach

In Noosa, there are plenty of shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and other places of interests that will peak your interest. One of these places is the Noosa National Park. The park is filled with natural wonders and has been compared to “heaven on Earth” by most people.

Alexander bay, Noosa

Outside the park, however, there is more to see. There, you will find plenty of beaches to enjoy some outdoor fun or to sunbathe in. In addition, you can go scuba diving or fish in the surrounding waters of Noosa.

Furthermore, the hotels that are in or near Noosa are filled with the latest accomodations and perk that will satisfy any traveler. These accommodations are simple, yet offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

Like to play golf? If so, tee-off at some of the golf courses that surround Noosa. Want to see more of Noosa’s natural wonders? If so, check out the nearby Australian Zoo. This zoo hosts some of the most exotic animals in all Australia, including crocodiles, kangaroos, and koala bears.


Next on your tour of Noosa’s natural wonders, you should visit the Great Sandy National Park. There, you can see more of Noosa’s natural beauty and have a barbecue or picnic at any of the designated spots that dots the park.

Noosa River

Lastly, the Sunshine Castle is a good place of interest to see. It is home to the famous dancing dolls – more than 350 of them!

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