Kangaroo Island at a Glance

If you are ever around in the South Australia area, you should check out Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island is one of the top destinations for travelers in the world. The island is very huge – the size of Singapore 7 times over! This is not a place for one to explore, in an entire day.

Kangaroo Island Lighthouse

The busiest place on the island is the capital city of Kingscote. The city is located near the Nepean Bay and is the main commercial area of the island. The city has a well-built harbor and provides the locals with plenty of boating and fishing opportunities.

Nepean Bay

Also, if you are a night person, local tours of the area can be arranged. While there, you can see and array of exotic plants and animals – which will leave you in amazement. If you are a lover of oysters, head down to the island’s oyster fishery. There, you can sample some of the finest oysters in the area.

Walkway to Seal Bay

Also, check out the nearby Pelican Lagoon, where you can find most of the island’s exotic birds. The North Bay area is filled with beautiful beaches and even more beautiful emus. The beach is located about 20 kilometers from Kingscote.


On the beach, you can play volleyball and other sports, or just relax in the sun. Moreover, if you want to see more of the island’s bountiful wildlife in the area, go to Parndana, or “the place of gums.”

Koala on Kangaroo Island

Located in the center of the island, the typical Australian town is another home to the island’s wildlife. The town also host night koala tours, where you get to see the cute, but endangered animals engaging in their normal activities. The tours are arranged from the community hotel, located in the town.

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