Australia's Kakadu National Park (part 2)

Overall, the world-famous park covers an area totaling over 7,000 miles (7,304 square miles to be exact) and is home to an array of the country’s fauna and flora. In this vast park, you will find over 1000, types of plants, 20 kinds of mammals, 75 kinds of reptiles, 55 types of fish, and 275 types of birds.

Kakadu Waterfall

The park is spread over 7,304 square miles (19,000 square kilometers) and you can see If you want to see the very small creatures that dot the island, see the hundreds of termite hills that are found all over the park.

The hills are as small as a few feet to as high as 20 feet! Love to watch scenic waterfalls? The park has plenty of them and gorges of different sizes, which will take your breath away.
If you are need if a park guide to show you around the park, plenty are available and are found at the tourist centers in the park. The largest of these centers is Jabiru Tourist Center.

Jim Jim Falls

At the center, you will find housing for tourists, a shopping center, a medical center, and a service station. Although, no commercial air service is available from Darwin to the park’s vicinity, there’s a small airport where small planes can land and take off.

Kakadu National Park

In addition, the park’s entrance is as unique as the park. A 273-foot crocodile serves as the tourist center’s entrance and leads you to its main lobby. Also, at its art museum, you will see aboriginal and Anglo-Australian artworks and crafts. Some of these can be bought as souvenirs.

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