Australia’s Blue Mountains

Where are the Blue Mountains located?

The mountains are located some 50 kilometers from downtown Sydney, in the state of New South Wales. The mountains are made up of flat plateaus, a few rivers, and deep gorges.
Some of these gorges are as deep as 760 meters. The mountains include vistas that are high as 1,200 meters above sea level. In 2000, the area became a World Heritage Site, by UNESCO.

Blue Mountins

History of the Blue Mountains

The Aborigine people first settled the mountain range, many years ago, but the first Europeans did not arrive in the area until the late 1700’s. Moreover, the Aborigine people used the many caves that dot the mountains for shelter.

Three Sisters, Katoomba

The first known European to cross the mountains was a former convict named John Wilson. Mr. Wilson discovered the area in 1792 and stayed with the local people for five years, until he returned to what is now Sydney, to tell their people about this discovery. He also discovered the two known passes that is used to cross these rough mountains.

Kangaroo in Blue Mountains

Climate and Geography of the Blue Mountains

This mountain range is known for its wide variety of climates and its land formation. One part of the mountains have are swamplands while another part has a tropical forest setting.
The mountain’s average daily temperature is between the mid 60’s and 70’s Fahrenheit.

But on winter nights, the temperatures drop below freezing. Generally speaking, snowfall is very common, in the high part of the Blue Mountains and the average rainfall for these mountains is 48 inches.

What to See at the Blue Mountains?

While there, you should see the Katoomba Scenic Railway. The railway is the steepest on earth – rising many miles above the ground. Another place of interest in the Blue Mountains is the Scenic Skyway.

The “skyway” consists of glass-bottomed, ariel cable cars that gives its patrons an great, panoramic view of the mountainside.

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