New Year’s Festival in Australia

Does Australia celebrate New Year’s Eve and Day? Sure, they do. The country celebrates New Year’s Day on January 1st. However, unlike most other of the countries in the world, they celebrated in until January 6th – a five-day celebration!

What are the New Year’s celebrations like in the “land down under?”

The celebrations are very jubilant, with people, young and old, dancing and celebrating the coming of the new year. At everyplace imaginable, including places such as beaches, pubs, markets, hotels, clubs, pubs, and even at churches, people gather to sing hymns and listen to them, as the clock strikes 12am on New Year’s Eve.

At 12am, all the church bells in Australian towns ring to signal the coming of the new year. This is when the celebrations reach its peak. At this moment, crowds filled with thousands of people cheering, making noises, throwing confetti, and other good stuff. The New Year’s celebrations in Australia are nearly the same as the ones in America but with more of a spiritual sense to them than in that particular country.

However, in the big towns in Australia, the celebrations are greatly amplified. There, you will see a host of fireworks bursting in the air and lighting up the sky – as thousands of people watch in shock and awe.

In the hotels, some restaurants, and other public places, large parties are held there – with all kinds of food and drinks being served there. In the clubs, though, cabaret shows, gaming events, and other good stuff are held there – giving the celebration a sultry flavor to them.

Old, young, rich, poor, and everybody in between all come together and enjoy these celebrations – all five days of them. By the 6th of January, though, the celebrations c
ome to an end an life goes on as usual, in the “land down under.”

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