Australia's Fun Festivals

Fun Festivals Only in Australia

Australia is known to be a happy country. Festivals are celebrated anywhere in the country. About a hundred festivals are celebrated each year including the small ones celebrated in each region and the big events like the Fall Festival wherein some international performers are invited to perform in front of a large Australian audience.

Rainbow Serpent Festival

Arts and cultural festivals are held in some regions of Australia. Sydney Festival is celebrated during the month of January. For three straight weeks, there will be 80 events showing the different forms of arts in Australia—dancing, theatre, music, etc.

Jazz Festival in Brisbane

Another arts festival celebrated on the month February is the Perth which happens to be the oldest festival in the southern hemisphere. This is one of the biggest festivals in Australia since it also includes satellite festivals that involve a lot of people from the entertainment industry.

Beer Festival

There are quite a number of arts festival celebrated and there are also independent festivals such as the Chinese New Year, which happens during the month of February. One of the world’s largest bisexual festivals happens only in Australia. It is the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which started out as a rally protest and then became a festival in Sydney.

Floriade Flower Festival in Canberra

Finally, theme-based festivals are really known in Australia. Writers, jazz, digital media and folk are just some of the themes that are included.

Bilyana Festival of Folk Rhythm & Light

The country is indeed full of festivals every year. One who happens to visit Australia will find it very enjoyable joining these festivals because these only happen in Australia.

The Brazilian Festival

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