Christmas celebration in Australia

Christmas in Australia

Christmas is the time when a person is in the mood of celebration. Everyone just eagerly waits for Christmas when families can get together and have a vacation together. When we think about Christmas it is always snow-clad, sitting by the fireplace and having wine together. Why not think about Christmas in Australia.

My Facts about Australia: Christmas in Australia

It is way different from Christmas in the northern region of the world. You always have seen Christmas during winters but in Australia it’s during the summers. The temperature is around 20’s the entire day There are huge Christmas and new year celebration held in the two most important city of Australia that are Sydney and Melbourne. Huge community fireworks and mass church prayer services are conducted.

My Facts About Australia: Ausie Christmas

The Australian culture is very similar to that of British culture. So you will not miss the customs of Christmas in Australia like the traditional cookies and cakes the conventional turkey with all the trimmings. There are few things you should take into consideration before going on a Christmas vacation in Australia.

My Facts About Australia: Santa on the Boat

If you want to visit Australia during Christmas then one thing you should know is visiting Australia is very expensive at this time of the year. At the same time there are a lot of cheaper alternatives available where you can safe some money like there are a huge number of affordable accommodations are obtainable. You can safe on food too as many cheap food stalls and restaurants are there in Australia in huge number. Australia is at its best during Christmas.