This article is part of the ‘facts about Australia’ series and we will begin the article with more facts about this island nation-continent.

Wave Rock, Westeren Australia

Fact: the official name of Australia is “The Commonwealth of Australia” and is considered, by most people, as a very good and safe place to live. Fact: Australia is governed by a constitutional monarchy – in which the Australian Parliament has control over how the country is run, but the Queen of England is the official head of state.

Queensland Rainforest

Fact: Australia consists of six states and two territories, including Western Australia, Queensland and Australian Capital Territory. Fact: The largest state in Australia is Western Australia, which covers one-third of the nation-continent and is filled with an array of landscaped, experiences and climates.

Sunset in Queensland

Fact: Changes in the country’s immigration policy has allowed Polish citizens to apply for visas to Australia, via electronic application service. According to the new Australian law, passed this year, all travelers from other countries, except New Zealand, is required to have a visa before and when entering the country.

Australian National War Memorial, Canberra

This is done to step up the security level of these countries and to control the amount of goods that are brought in and leave the country.


Furtherore, in the past ten years, the economic performance of Australia has increased, dramatically, and has been the envy of many western countries, including the United States.

Penguin Island- Western Australia

In addition to this, the educational system of Australia is known throughout the international stage to be very effective and innovative in teaching its people about the ways of technology and the world. That is why some Australian universities are planning to team up with computer giant, Apple, to improve the teaching and research resources available those other people in the world


This concludes some more interesting facts about Australia and stick around for part three, where you will find more facts about this lovely continent!

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