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When most people think of Australia, they just think about koala bears, kangaroos and “Crocodile Dundee.” But beyond this thinking – is a land of many contrasts that is filled with tons of plentiful natural resources and a thriving social infrastructure that includes health, transportation, education and more!

Sydney Opera House

In fact, this country has one of the most outstanding economies in the world – booming with low inflation and low interest rates!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

For the unusual facts about Australia, we will begin with a bit of the country’s history. According to legend, the country was founded by convicts! In fact, the country’s very first police squad consisted of twelve ‘rehabilitated’ convicts – most from African decent and other racial groups.


In addition to this fact, the nation’s first bushranger was a convicted native African. In terms of the origin of the Australian people, the origins go back to the “Mungo Men” or Aborigines- ancient peoples of the nation which goes back to about 40,000 years ago.

Beautiful Canberra

Also, ancient Australians were using advance technology as far back as 45,000-55,000 years ago – making them the most technologically advanced peoples in the world at that time.
Also, it was Sydney, not Canberra, which was the first capital of Australia.

New Year in Australia

For another unusual Australian fact, the cities of Sydney and Melbourne wanted to become the capital of Australia, but due to the fact that both cities had a high number of convicts, both towns were rejected and the town of Canberra, which is located between the two cities, became the nation’s capital.

Kangaroos Playing

Also, Kangaroos make up a good number of the animals in Australia and another fact is that a baby kangaroo is measured at two centimeters at birth. And a final fact about Australia: It is home to the funnel web spider, which is considered to the deadliest spider in the world.
This concludes our first article on ‘facts about Australia’ and with that, I say good luck and happy travel and visit to Australia!

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