A Way Down in Perth

This article will talk about the city of Perth, Australia, including a bit about the city’s history, modern life and other happenings.

Perth By Night

Today, the country of Australia is a meeca for visitors and sightseers, who want to see what all there is to see in the “land down under.” It is sights like the Great Barrier Reef or Ayers Rock that leaves many visitors in awe - having them come back for more!

Perth Skyline

In addition, to the natural wonders of the “land down under,” its cities, also, attracts many of the country’s visitors as well. One, in particular, attracts many visitors and that city is named Perth.

The Bells, Perth

Yes, Perth, Western Australia’s capital and largest city, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and is one of the fastest growing cities in all of Australia. For a bit of history of the city of Perth, the city was founded in 1829 as a settlement on the western Australian plain and to this day, is still the capital of Western Australia.

Convention Centre in Perth

In modern times, the large and ever growing city is full with tourism and with that, an ever-thriving and plentiful economy. What makes people want to come to Perth for a period of fun and relaxation?


The answer lies in some of the city’s outdoor activities. It is activities such as water skiing, water surfing, kite boarding and biscuiting is what drives people to make Perth a top vacation spot of theirs.

Perth War Memorial

In addition, to the outdoor activities that Perth has to offer, there is the city’s Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Alexander Library, the Museum of Western Australia, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Perth Concert Hall and other places of interest where people can get more exposure to Austalia’s past and present.

Fremantle, Perth

In short, Perth has a rich past and present that is seen and felt by thousands of people every year and you, too, can become one of these many people, so come on down and see the wonders of Perth, Australia!

Red Bull Race in Perth

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