Top Places to Go In Australia PART 1

As the world’s smallest continent, largest island and the highest literacy rate, Australia is unique. In addition, the country has a unique past and present that fascinates many people to this day. Therefore, in this article, we shall explore some of the top places to go in this island/country/continent.


Ayers Rock

Standing in the heart of Australia, at a height of 348 meters, Ayers Rock attracts many people from all over the world to see it in all its glory. But what most people do not know is that the Ayers Rock that they see is only 1/3 of the rock’s actual size. The remainder is under ground.

Uluro, Ayers Rock

The Olgas, Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta

Another place to see, while in Australia, is the Kata Tjuta. This natural wonder is a group of red-colored, stone monoliths that is located not far from Ayers Rock. As of the natural wonder’s origins, you should ask a local Aborigine and they will share a legend or two with you.

Sunny Kata Tjuta

Bungle Bungles

The Bungle Bungles is another natural Australian wonder that you should take a gander at. It consists of beehive-like patterns that are mixed in the colors of green, orange, and black. They were only discovered until the 1980’s.

Bungle Bungles

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