Things to do in Sydney

Vacation to Sydney is a great adventure for an individual, a couple, a group of friends or even for a family. There are several interesting things that can be enjoyed while on Sydney holidays. One can visit several theme parks available in the area and one of the must see places is Sydney aquarium.

Oceanworld Manly is also a fantastic aquatic attraction here, and you can dive with sharks with the Sharkdive Extreme. By climbing up the Sydney Tower, you can have a breathtaking view of the entire city from a great height.

If you are interested in wildlife then Australia has a large number of wildlife species for view of the visitors. Seeing these creatures from very close is another must-do in Sydney.

There are several wildlife reserves where you can see cute koalas, one of the popular species of Australia. Tourists can also meet kangaroos and wallabies from Wildlife World, and there are several hotels available in this area, so that you can enjoy viewing these amazing species from your hotel room itself.

Some other creatures that you will love to be close to include iguanas and butterflies.
One of the most important things to do while holidaying in Sydney is visiting beaches. The Bondi Beach has been located at a short distance from Sydney and is one of the most popular beaches of Australia.

At present, this beach is popular among visitors who want to enjoy recreational activities and water sports, such as surfing, sailing and beach volleyball.

Bondy Beach Skate Park

If you just want to spend some leisure time relaxing in the sand then Bondi beach is the ultimate destination for you. One of the major attractions in Sydney is the Sydney Opera House where different kinds of live performances can be enjoyed. The structure of the opera house is just amazing that is rarely to be seen in the world.

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