New Year on Australian Beach

New Year at Australian beach

New Year is one of the greatest celebrations for the people where it is the mark of the commencement of the New Year. This celebration can be even enhanced if the celebration is planned at the beaches. New Year is one of the special occasions that are celebrated with social gatherings and parties that are carried on till midnight.

My Facts About Australia: New year in Sydney

There are numerous cultures that make use of the fire crackers as a part of their celebration for welcoming the New Year. These parties and events can be even enhanced when they are celebrated at the beaches. Beaches in two most popular cities of Australia, Sydney and Melbourne have the largest New Year’s celebrations.

My Facts About Australia: New Year Celebration on the Beach

The celebrations are accompanied by the light shows, fire works and numerous other things for making the eve special. The fireworks that are displayed lasts for a maximum of fifteen to twenty minutes that is then followed by musical shows at the several stages that are set all through out the beaches.

My Facts About Australia: New Year´s Eve

With the people excited for the New Year, the beaches are jam packed with the people as they are excited for the New Year and the celebrations.

My Facts About Australia: Bells Beach on New Year´s Day

Other than the light shows, there is harbour of light parade that moves around the harbour with the major feature being the illuminated emblems. Light works are also show cased at the mid night that are stunning and are choreographed with the soundtracks that are synchronized making the New Year’s Eve a special moment worth remembering. The light works and parade is showcased by the media partners all over the world.

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