Have lunch with a Croc

Have lunch with a croc

Ever eaten gator tail? You’d best not tell a croc this, but it’s good…tastes like chicken. Crocs are ancient, very hungry cold-blooded creatures that can grow up to 7 meters in length.

My Facts About Australia: Croc

Having lunch with them or having them for lunch may not sound too appealing, but if you go on an organized and safe tour, you’re at least ensured you’re not providing lunch for them…meaning you!

My Facts About Australia: Catch The Croc!

Northern Australia has many croc adventures. You can learn a lot about these frightening reptiles. You can try tours that actually feed crocs from boats, and manage as a consequence to get them jumping out of the water to catch food.

My Facts About Australia: Croc on your Backyard

Did you know saltwater crocs live mostly in freshwater? At one point they were thought to be endangered, so they became protected more than 30 years ago. Crocs can live to be almost 100 years old and it is estimated that there are between 60,000 and 80,000 saltwater crocs in the waterways of Northern Australia.

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