Bells Beach

Bells beach, Australia

Bells beach is one of great ocean roads of Australia and is the most popular tourist attraction. The bell beach is located near the Melbourne where tourist can take full pleasure of the stunning views that appears on each turn of the scenic drives. There are many beautiful holidays in the town that gives an opportunity to enjoy the coastal scenery along with the exploring of historical towns.

My Facts About Australia: Surf on Bells Beach

Tourist visit bells beach of Australia that calms the mind of the tourist to full extent. The main attraction of the bells beach is Portland a place of deep-water port situated at the end of the princess high way. Bells beach is a place that is a mixture of industrial and historic region. The main features that attract tourist to visit bells beach are blowholes, craggy cliffs, and rough waters.

My Facts About Australia: Bells Beach

Bells beach falls under the category of coastal town where one can easily take the pleasure of major commercial centre along with the viewing of some historic buildings. There are number of stunning art galleries, old churches and museums present in the bells beach of Australia that makes the holiday of tourist exotic and stunning. The bells beach is also popular for the activities such as swimming and surfing at international and national level.

My Facts About Australia: Waves on Bells Beach

Bells beach is the home of largest running surfing competition of world that celebrates in the form of festivals such as musical and curl pro festival. The bells beach is a place known for ripping, surfing that makes the tourist feel delighted.

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