Go out in theBush for a Week

Go out in the bush for a week

When people think of Australia, most of the time they think of ocean and coral reefs, but let’s not forget about the outback! Take a week and visit the bush. You’ll be sleeping in a swag and gazing at a billion stars. You can spend a week learning to be a jackaroo, you can attend an outback rodeo, jeans, boots and belt buckle are included. Or you can sit on the bank of an Outback dam fishing for yabbies with a cold beer in hand, or visit a series of working homesteads and meet the people who work on Australia’s land.

My Facts About Australia: Australia´s Land

There are hundreds of ways for the bulk of Australia’s population who live in cities and near the coast to visit and build a connection with the great brown land that makes up Australia. The land, according to author and ecologist Tim Flannery, ‘is the only thing that we all, uniquely, share in common. It is at once our inheritance, our sustenance, and the only force ubiquitous and powerful enough to craft a truly Australian people.’

My Facts About Australia: Kangaroo

When Australia was ‘riding on the sheep’s back,’ at the time of Federation, 61% of Australia’s population was living in rural and regional areas. Today, that’s only 17%, and the number is falling even further.

My Facts About Australia: Water

But if you’re heading to the Outback by car, don’t forget you’ll need a reliable vehicle, preferably a 4-wheel-drive.

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